140 acres registered to Lingaraj Temple Trust encroached

Bhubaneswar, October 4: No less than 143 acres of land belonging to Temple of Lord Lingaraj The trust was registered in the temple trust. However, approximately 140 acres of land are encroached by commercial establishments and residential apartments in uptown areas of the city.

During the 31-year legal battle, powerful people fraudulently altered the registers of numerous land plots of endowment properties in different mouzas in Bhubaneswar and outskirts of the city.

Most of the endowment properties were in Bhimapur and Kapilaprasad mouza and other properties were in Sundarpada, Bhubaneswar, Goutam Nagar, Badagada and Rajarani mouza under the tehsil of Bhubaneswar.

About 35 acres of land have been registered up to Lord Lingaraj Temple Trust at Kapilaprasad mouza adjoining Bhimatangi housing council settlement.

When the petition was filed, the housing authority settlement was under construction covered with mango and jackfruit orchard. Over the past 31 years, it has developed into an upscale part of town. Builders have erected multi-story buildings in some areas of the endowment property and sold people’s land by plotting with road facilities by the local civic body.

Also, about 34 acres of land in Bhimapur mouza adjoining Airport Colony and New Forest Park has been invaded by powerful people.

Similarly, around 90% of the land of the Shukuteswar temple premises has been invaded by people by erecting huge commercial and residential buildings.

Notably, Revenue Board member GVV Sarma last Thursday ordered the land to be registered with the temple trust after the final hearing of the case.

The said 143 acres of land of Lord Lingaraj has been identified as Kapilaprasad, Bhimapur, Sundarpada, Bhubaneswar, Goutam Nagar, Badagada and Rajarani mouza under the tehsil of Bhubaneswar.

The lands were taken into the possession of the government under the Abolition of Orissa Estates (Amendment) Act 1974.

Then CEO of Lord Lingaraj Temple Trust, Jitendra Patnaik filed a complaint with the Endowments Commissioner in 1991. The case was later referred to the court of Member, Board of Revenue.

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