Business associations call for new measures in Rajasthan’s budget

Rajasthan’s business and industrial bodies have called for further measures and concessions in the state budget for 2022-2023 and urged the Gehlot government to consider the possibility of connecting Mahatma Gandhi’s national rural employment guarantee works (MGNREGA) with industry. Reference was also made to the difficulties encountered during the pandemic.

In a pre-budget consultation with officials from the finance and trade tax department here, trade and industry representatives said district-level stamp duties and commission rates should be streamlined for operators. and real estate builders. Reducing electricity taxes and fire protection were among the other demands raised during the interaction.

Textile associations highlighted the benefits of connecting the flagship employment program with industry in order to make labor available to different sectors and provide livelihoods for villagers. The state government had recently reached out to mill owners to resolve electricity tax issues on captive power plants and transmission charges on electricity purchased over the counter.

The heads of the two departments, led by Principal Secretary of Finance Akhil Arora, interacted with representatives of industry bodies in a series of consultations with different sectors up to the formulation of the state budget. .

Iron and steel makers have demanded that the reverse charge mechanism of the Goods and Services Tax be applied to scrap metal and that priority be given to purchases made by the state government. Trade associations in agriculture, food and oilseeds have called for measures to compensate for losses suffered during the pandemic through exemption from customs duties and the tax on raw materials.

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