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Pakistan in troubled waters: La Tribune India

G Parthasarathy Chancellor, Jammu Central University and Former High Commissioner to Pakistan Five decades after its surrender in Dhaka, Pakistan observes that Bangladesh, which remained poor due to its exploitation by West Pakistan, is today a dynamic and increasingly prosperous country. Bangladesh, with a population of 160 million, now competes …

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Risk assets remain under pressure after the FOMC. Yield curves continue to flatten harshly as markets pull the rate hike forward. Market Now Evaluates Nearly 70% Chances Of RBNZ Rise On February 22

Last week’s hawkish FOMC meeting continues to trickle down to financial markets. Reflationary sentiment continued on Friday as stocks and commodity prices retreated again, the US Treasury curve flattening sharply and the dollar strengthening. In Australia, the market has advanced the expected timing of the first RBA hike to the …

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Fed markets: your hawkish shift fools no one

Investors call the Federal Reserve bluff. They are right to do so. At first glance, and with a great deal of relativity, last week’s updated summary of President Jerome Powell’s economic projections and commentary marks a hawkish turn. Officials have signaled that rates could rise in 2023, earlier than previously …

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