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Shortly after their brother’s death in January 2016, Rick and Brent Clark had a vision of different ways to honor Rodney Clark.

One such method of commemoration: the Rodney Clark Memorial Golf Scramble, which benefits local high school students with a bright future.

After the fifth annual event which took place Friday morning at the Bellefonte Country Club, the endowment of the Rodney Clark Memorial Scholarship from Ashland Community and Technical College has exceeded $ 750,000, according to the school.

Rick Clark, co-owner of Clark’s Pump-N-Shop, is the chairman of the CCTA board of directors. He said last year, “We were able to award 12 scholarships to students from the tri-state area.”

“These are the jobs that we need, the trade school jobs – the two-year things that we offer here (at CCTA),” Clark said. “The CCTA is a great opportunity for young people. And it’s great for people who want to change careers, or who may have been made redundant, like at AK Steel. It’s just a great place with affordable education, and that’s what we need in the workforce here, those who are trained to do this kind of work.

With temperatures hovering in the low 70s under scenic skies, Clark said the weather “couldn’t have been better” for the 41 teams on the outing, which began at 9 a.m. The event did not take place last year due to COVID-19. Two years ago, the Daily Independent reported that there were 46 teams.

Golfers enjoyed breakfast sandwiches and food truck items as well as mini contests – such as the long drive and pot-sharing – throughout the 18-hole scramble.

“This is probably one of the best golf outings at Bellefonte every year,” said Clark, a club member. “Every year it’s first class. Jeff Bostic, the general manager of our country club, does a great job, and I thank him and the club for allowing us to have him there.

Clark said, “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate our sponsors – there are too many to name. … I appreciate everyone in it, and I want people to know that these are these kids (from the area) and that they are trying to help them be successful. You need a good education these days, and that’s why we want to help you.

“What really excites us is that the endowment will be there forever,” he added.

Clark said the support was strong every year. Sponsors will give $ 5,000 each, for example, and friends will contribute different amounts.

According to Clark, there were vendors from as far away as Missouri in attendance on Friday. He said one participant in the jamming was from Oklahoma.

(606) 326-2664 |


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A treasure discovered in the historic Emar Mutt in Puri https://arabcenter.net/a-treasure-discovered-in-the-historic-emar-mutt-in-puri/ https://arabcenter.net/a-treasure-discovered-in-the-historic-emar-mutt-in-puri/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 07:34:53 +0000 https://arabcenter.net/a-treasure-discovered-in-the-historic-emar-mutt-in-puri/

Puri: Using a metal detector in the city’s historic Emar Mutt, authorities tracked the presence of valuables like gold and silver on Thursday. Once these were discovered, a thorough search was also carried out of the pooch’s library, yard and other premises to detect if any other valuables could be found, officials said.

A team of four from the state’s Department of Archeology conducted the research in the presence of the pooch seer, the representative of the Commissioner of Endowment, members of the Trusty Board, local police officials and a certain number of officials in the administration of Shree Jagannath temple and district.

Read also : Odisha registers 628 new cases of Covid-19; 96 under 18

According to a source, a total of four points near the library were marked after the presence of metal valuables was detected by the scanner. A meeting of the mutt’s trust council will soon be convened under the chairmanship of the endowment commissioner to decide on the excavation of the demarcated areas, the official said.

Expecting more valuables to be present, the newly formed Trust Council had recently requested while scanning the mutt’s premises.

In 2011, around 522 silver bricks were unearthed at the premises of Emar Mutt. Subsequently, another 45 silver bricks were found on April 10 of the same year, said Binay Kumar Das, Puri’s additional collector.


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Emergency shelter launches $ 5 million fundraising campaign https://arabcenter.net/emergency-shelter-launches-5-million-fundraising-campaign/ https://arabcenter.net/emergency-shelter-launches-5-million-fundraising-campaign/#respond Thu, 16 Sep 2021 22:23:14 +0000 https://arabcenter.net/emergency-shelter-launches-5-million-fundraising-campaign/

The Northern Kentucky Emergency Shelter (ESNKY) has launched its $ 5 million fundraising campaign to complete construction of its new facility at 436 West Thirteenth Street in Covington.

The funds will also help expand the shelter’s programs, replenish cash reserves and create an endowment for the organization’s future, according to an announcement.

The fundraising campaign drew early participation from the Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation and the Drees Homes Foundation, who each pledged $ 500,000.

Help Us Home, the name of the campaign, will help ESNKY double its current year-round capacity to 68 homeless beds at its new 10,000 square foot facility.

The new space, designed specifically as a homeless shelter, will also serve as Northern Kentucky’s first Day Navigation and Engagement Center (CDED), providing guests with a safe place to stay during the day where they can relax. shower, do laundry and connect to the services they might need. The CDED will include an on-site medical clinic, meeting rooms for community partners, guest courier services, self-service laundry facilities, showers, phone charging stations, Internet and computer access.

David Drees, CEO of Drees Homes, will chair the campaign in honor of his mother and late father, Ralph, who were instrumental in establishing the Northern Kentucky Emergency Shelter more than 13 years ago. years.

Ralph Drees was a judge / executive of Kenton Co. at the time. He died in March at the age of 86.

“We all need food, clothes, a warm bed and a shower, and I can’t imagine my life without these essentials,” said David Drees. “The Northern Kentucky Emergency Shelter meets these basic needs and more. They deliver their services with compassion, human dignity and an unmatched desire to move homeless people to permanent and sustainable housing.

“To continue this noble mission, the shelter needs our help more than ever, and I am grateful for this opportunity to help ESNKY continue its mission while preserving my father’s legacy of care and compassion for those without. -shelter. “

The Help Us Home campaign aims to raise $ 5 million over the next five years in four key priority areas, the organization said:

  • Shelter Requirements: $ 1.7 million to complete construction and furnish the facility to open to the community on November 1.
  • Program Extension Over Five Years: The funding will support the growth of ESNKY’s organizational capacity and enhance ESNKY’s educational programs and professional staff over the next five years. This will help support future operations, predict succession planning, and create opportunities for employee advancement within the organization. In turn, this will allow ESNKY to respond quickly and effectively to the emerging needs of the community.
  • Emergency cash reserves: Low-barrier shelters, like ESNKY, experience emergencies 24/7, 365 days a year. The current cash reserves were used to build and prepare his new home. There is a need to replenish cash reserves for future emergency uses.
  • Endowment for the future: ESNKY seeks to create an endowment to ensure that new funding is available for the future.

Dr Dawn Rhodes and Dr Carson Castleman co-chair the campaign’s top leads division. The campaign has eight vice-presidents who sit on the campaign steering committee and head the campaign’s main gifts division: Dr Susan Cook, Brent Degenhardt, Tim McClanahan, Michael Murray, Peter Nerone, Tom Saelinger, Greg Schneider and Aimée Wulfeck . ESNKY Board Chair Emily Toebbe, Executive Director Kim Webb and Office Director Ruslyn Case-Comption are also members of the campaign steering committee.

“On behalf of the people who use the emergency shelter’s vital facilities and services, our staff and board of directors, thank you to the Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile Jr. Foundation and the Drees Homes Foundation for your generous donations. to our fundraising campaign. Said ESNKY Executive Director Kim Webb. “We are grateful for your generosity, leadership and faith in our mission to provide low-barrier shelters and services that save and change the lives of people in our community. With your support and that of our other generous volunteers and donors, we will be able to provide shelter and services to help people recover from homelessness.

-Staff report

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Local arts groups receive grants of $ 3,000 https://arabcenter.net/local-arts-groups-receive-grants-of-3000/ https://arabcenter.net/local-arts-groups-receive-grants-of-3000/#respond Wed, 15 Sep 2021 02:55:06 +0000 https://arabcenter.net/local-arts-groups-receive-grants-of-3000/

Staff reports

The Indiana Arts Commission recently announced that it has distributed American Rescue Plan Act funds to 278 nonprofit organizations for a total of $ 834,000.

The grants were distributed through the agency’s arts recovery program with funds from the American Rescue Plan Act directly from the National Endowment for the Arts with additional funds from the NEA through Arts Midwest, the Indiana regional partner.

Jackson County organizations receiving $ 3,000 each were the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts and Actors Community Theater in Seymour, both in Seymour, and the Jackson County Community Theater in Brownstown.

“We are proud to partner with the National Endowment for the Arts and Arts Midwest to support arts organizations in Indiana that are playing a key role in the recovery from the pandemic,” said Lewis Ricci, executive director of Indiana Arts Commission. “This funding is a recognition of the value that the creative sector brings to the economic and social health of our state and our nation. “

The Arts Recovery Program supports:

Total or partial salary coverage for one or more staff positions

Fees / remuneration for artists and / or contract staff

Costs of facilities, such as rent and utilities, for example, bills for electricity, telephone, gas

Costs associated with health and safety supplies for staff and / or visitors / public

Marketing and promotion costs

Last month, the panelists met virtually and assessed each candidate’s ability to advance the arts, deliver relevant activities and access to the arts, and operate through June 2022.

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New student award to honor the legacy of Professor Emeritus Frank Ahern https://arabcenter.net/new-student-award-to-honor-the-legacy-of-professor-emeritus-frank-ahern/ https://arabcenter.net/new-student-award-to-honor-the-legacy-of-professor-emeritus-frank-ahern/#respond Tue, 14 Sep 2021 11:14:47 +0000 https://arabcenter.net/new-student-award-to-honor-the-legacy-of-professor-emeritus-frank-ahern/

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Professor Emeritus Frank Ahern has dedicated more than three decades of his professional life to conducting scientific research, mentoring hundreds of students, and co-founding and expanding the biobehavioral health program at Penn State. To honor his accomplishments and recognize the legacy of his contributions to the College of Health and Human Development, a crowdfunding effort is currently underway to create an award that will benefit students specializing in bio-behavioral health.

The effort is being led with a principal donation of $ 10,000 from Thomas J. Gould, Jean Phillips Shibley Professor of Biobehavioural Health and Head of Department, and Sheree F. Logue, Director of the Biomarker Core Laboratory and Associate Professor of Biobehavioural Health.

Once endowed, the Dr. Frank Ahern Student Award will be presented annually to undergraduate students studying biobehavioral health who have distinguished themselves through superior academic performance and exceptional commitment to community service.

“Frank’s passionate dedication to the ideals of bio-behavioral health and to aspiring students in the field – as well as Penn State at large – has set the bar incredibly high that continues to shape and define our department,” said Gould . “The fact that the Department of Biobehavioural Health is flourishing today is a testament to Frank’s visionary leadership and his tireless commitment to laying the groundwork for future success. I hope this award will be a way to recognize Frank’s efforts and the exceptional faculty in the department who have followed in his footsteps, while also inspiring students to greater achievement.

After launching the award, Gould and Logue are now encouraging other alumni and friends who were inspired by Ahern to consider contributing to the fund. Crossing the minimum grant threshold of $ 20,000 will convert the fund into a permanent endowment.

Professor Emeritus Frank Ahern, whose legacy of three decades of service at Penn State is honored with a new crowdfunding gift.

IMAGE: Courtesy of Frank Ahern

Ahern came to Penn State in 1984 from the University of Hawaii to be a member of the Center for Developmental and Health Genetics. It was involved in establishing the graduate program in Biobehavioural Health and gave high priority to epidemiology and ethics as mandatory elements of the undergraduate curriculum when the undergraduate program studies was extended in 1996 to a Bachelor of Science degree program.

He served on the program development committee and, in 1997, accepted the position of professor responsible for the undergraduate program, which he held until his retirement in 2016. In the years following his graduation. foundation, the Biobehavioural Health major has grown into one of University Park’s most popular majors, and is now offered on other Penn State campuses and as a fully online program.

Ahern and his wife, Joy C. Bodnar, after hearing about Gould’s initiative, decided to go ahead with a contribution to the fund themselves.

“I am truly honored by this unexpected gesture of appreciation, and, more than anything, I am grateful that this fund will increase the resources available to the department to recognize outstanding student achievement,” said Ahern.

Donations in support of the Dr. Ahern Student Award will advance A Greater Penn State for 21st Century Excellence, a targeted campaign that aims to elevate Penn State’s position as a leading public university in a world defined by rapid changes and global connections. With the support of alumni and friends, “A Greater Penn State” seeks to meet the three key imperatives of a 21st century public university: keeping the doors of higher education open to hard-working students, their financial well-being; create transformative experiences that go beyond the classroom; and impact the world by serving communities and fueling discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship. To learn more about “A Great State of Pennsylvania for 21st Century Excellence,” visit Greaterpennstate.psu.edu.

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HBCU Week Shares Best Practices on Graduating STEM Majors, Applying for Grants https://arabcenter.net/hbcu-week-shares-best-practices-on-graduating-stem-majors-applying-for-grants/ https://arabcenter.net/hbcu-week-shares-best-practices-on-graduating-stem-majors-applying-for-grants/#respond Fri, 10 Sep 2021 22:08:13 +0000 https://arabcenter.net/hbcu-week-shares-best-practices-on-graduating-stem-majors-applying-for-grants/

Lenora Hammonds, associate professor of jazz studies at North Carolina Central University, recently received support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Hammonds shared advice on his application process at the HBCU National Conference this week.Last week, the National Conference of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) began its final day with sessions such as the results of research on HBCU STEM graduate students as well as tips for humanities professors to ask. federal grants.

To help meet funding needs, a session with panelists who recently received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) or the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) offered guidance to potential applicants.

“It’s important not to be silent about something you do on campus that you are passionate about,” said Lenora Helm Hammonds, associate professor of jazz studies at North Carolina Central University (NCCU). Hammonds recently received NEA support for an NCCU Teaching Artist Certification program. “I just started reaching out to people, telling them that’s what I got, who do you know that can help me figure out what I don’t know.”

Tina Rollins, director of the William R. and Norma B. Harvey Library at Hampton University, agreed and suggested establishing a relationship with the institution’s grant coordination office as well as NEA staff. or NEH.

“Know your connections on campus that will help you understand what you need for your application,” said Rollins, who has received support from NEH to develop a national forum on recruiting and retaining minority library professionals. “It’s always great to have a cheerleader in the sponsored programs or grants office who will answer your calls. “

Rollins and Hammonds both shared the impact of their grants on gaining greater respect for their work in the humanities.

“It created a way for activists who were artists in my community to be able to say, ‘Oh, NEA thinks this is viable, important and worth supporting. Therefore, my work is viable and important and worth supporting, ”Hammonds said.

During the HBCU’s STEM student session, the researchers shared their findings by analyzing student data at higher education institutions. Researchers have found that HBCUs have a unique experience in educating black STEM students.

“In general, we see that black students would have been more likely to graduate from college if they had attended an HBCU,” said Dr. Omari Swinton, professor of economics and chair of the economics department of the Howard University. “And if they had graduated from an HBCU, they would have been more likely to have graduated in STEM.”

Dr James Koch, professor of economics at the Board of Visitors and president emeritus of Old Dominion University, pointed out another conclusion when examining the parental income of students at HBCUs compared to those at predominantly white institutions (PWIs).

“HBCUs provide their students with much more upward economic mobility than PWIs,” Koch said.

His team compared the incomes of graduates to that of their parents to understand the long-term impact of higher education institutions on low-income students in particular.

“You have a good chance of being ahead of your parents’ income and you are more likely to fall into the top 20% of income if you come from the bottom 20% of income when you come out of school. an HBCU, “said Dr. William Spriggs, professor of economics at Howard University and chief economist of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).

These types of metrics are often lacking when colleges are ranked nationally, Spriggs added.

“Not having that context of student mobility on this scorecard and what the college is actually doing can be misleading,” he said. “We are looking at the long term horizon of the student, not the short term horizon of the scorecard. “

Yet states use similar scorecards for higher education institution funding decisions, which Spriggs says puts HBCUs at a disadvantage, masking their importance especially as a stream of STEM graduates.

Spriggs added that the racial wealth gap exists between higher education institutions, not just for individuals. PWIs typically have more resources than HBCUs, yet HBCUs tend to train more low-income students and students of color.

“We’re talking about HBCU with different stories, different resources, different locations,” Spriggs said. “The only thing in common is a commitment to access, as evidenced by a very large proportion of low-income students in HBCUs. The common denominator is an intention to graduate our students.

On why HBCUs are graduating so many underrepresented students, Spriggs said the intangible quality is behind the numbers.

“I can give you the ingredients from the best chefs in America. It doesn’t mean you can cook like them. You have to have the intention, ”Spriggs said. “Are you motivated by a goal? Are you really trying to achieve something? And the data shows how vitally important that in itself is. “

Rebecca Kelliher can be contacted at rkelliher@diverseeducation.com

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Minister Shashikala Jolle to tour the temple soon – the New Indian Express https://arabcenter.net/minister-shashikala-jolle-to-tour-the-temple-soon-the-new-indian-express/ https://arabcenter.net/minister-shashikala-jolle-to-tour-the-temple-soon-the-new-indian-express/#respond Tue, 07 Sep 2021 23:58:00 +0000 https://arabcenter.net/minister-shashikala-jolle-to-tour-the-temple-soon-the-new-indian-express/

Through Express news service

BENGALURU: Endowment Minister Shashikala Jolle will undertake a statewide tour of temples under her department after the end of the legislative session. She will also interact with the faithful and hear their grievances on issues such as housing, clean water, toilets and roads, among others.

The minister had recently held a meeting with officials from the ministry. The legislative session is scheduled to be held September 13-24. Sources in the minister’s office said she would visit the temples of Dakshina Kannada.

No less than 34,559 temples fall under the department of Muzrai, of which 175 are of class A (annual income of more than Rs 25 lakh), 163 are of class B (5 to 25 lakh Rs) and 34,221 are of class C (less of Rs 5 lakh). About 50,000 archaks, pradhan archaks, employees of groups C and D work in these temples, but are not considered government employees. Their salaries are paid by the respective temple trusts.

“The minister will also interact with the administration. In many temples, there are no signs to point out that the property belongs to the government. There are encroachments that need to be cleaned up. Local authorities will be notified, ”sources said. There is also a shortage of staff at many temples, an issue the minister should address. She is expected to submit a report to Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

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Faculty member creates endowment to support doctoral students in counseling https://arabcenter.net/faculty-member-creates-endowment-to-support-doctoral-students-in-counseling/ https://arabcenter.net/faculty-member-creates-endowment-to-support-doctoral-students-in-counseling/#respond Fri, 03 Sep 2021 19:20:33 +0000 https://arabcenter.net/faculty-member-creates-endowment-to-support-doctoral-students-in-counseling/

ATLANTA – Dr Laurie Lankin, Emeritus Professor of Counseling and Humanities at Mercer University’s College of Professional Advancement, recently established the Lankin Endowed Scholarship in Counseling.

The first recipients of the Lankin scholarship are Auvronette Guilbeaux, Latessa Bayonne and Tyann Mosley, who are pursuing the doctorate of the College. diploma in training and supervision of counselors.

“This scholarship established by Dr. Laurie Lankin is an incredible award that will help motivate and support doctoral students completing their thesis,” said Dr. Tyler Wilkinson, Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Doctoral Program. in the training and supervision of counselors. “This award will help students complete their program successfully and advance their careers. “

“We are very grateful for Dr. Lankin’s generosity and passion to invest in the next generation of educator counselors and supervisors. I am confident that our recipients will view the Dr. Lankin scholarship as an extension of Mercer’s commitment to student success, ”added Dr. Karen Rowland, Professor and Chairman of the Board.

Dr. Lankin created the endowment to help students pursuing the doctorate. diploma in training and supervision of counselors and having completed all required work except the thesis.

“I created this foundation because I was a doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh for several years,” said Dr. Lankin. “I was out of breath and out of money when I received a small scholarship from the university which gave me the impetus to complete my thesis. I thought at the time that I would like to pass on the kind of support I received when I could, and I am grateful that the time was right. “

Additional contributions to the fund can be made by contacting Shawna Dooley, Associate Vice President for Academic Advancement, at dooley_sr@mercer.edu

Dr. Lankin has worked at Mercer for over 33 years, including over 20 years as a faculty member at the College of Professional Advancement. She came to the university as a licensed professional counselor and became director of the counseling center on the Macon campus. She was also coordinator of the major administration and human resources development when it was launched in 2009.

Prior to joining Mercer in 1988, Dr Lankin worked as a journalist, addiction counselor, human resources professional in municipal government, and had a private consultancy firm.

She received her BA in Journalism from the University of Missouri and an MA in Education. and Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh.

Mercer’s Doctorate in Counselor Training and Supervision prepares professionals as practitioners, consultants, counselor trainers, supervisors, and researchers. For more information on the PhD program, contact Dr. Tyler Wilkinson, Associate Professor of Counseling, at wilkinson_rt@mercer.edu.

About the College of Professional Advancement

The College of Career Advancement at Mercer University is committed to serving post-traditional learners. Undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs are available to adult learners seeking professional advancement in leadership roles in and beyond their communities. The programs provide students with distinctive, multidisciplinary experiences that integrate theory and practice. In addition to providing general education and elective courses at various colleges and schools in Mercer, the College of Professional Advancement offers degree programs in areas such as technology, public safety, public and social services, leadership and administration, health care and the liberal arts. Programs are offered at Mercer’s Atlanta and Macon campuses, as well as regional university centers in Douglas and Henry Counties, and online. To learn more, visit professionaladvancement.mercer.edu.

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Bard College receives $ 50 million for conservation studies from the Hessel Foundation and George Soros https://arabcenter.net/bard-college-receives-50-million-for-conservation-studies-from-the-hessel-foundation-and-george-soros/ https://arabcenter.net/bard-college-receives-50-million-for-conservation-studies-from-the-hessel-foundation-and-george-soros/#respond Tue, 31 Aug 2021 20:04:00 +0000 https://arabcenter.net/bard-college-receives-50-million-for-conservation-studies-from-the-hessel-foundation-and-george-soros/

The Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College (CCS Bard) announced last week that it had received a donation of $ 25 million from the Marieluise Hessel Foundation. Paired with an equal amount from billionaire investor George Soros, the donation is part of a new $ 50 million endowment for the center.

In April, Soros pledged a $ 500 million “challenge grant” to Bard’s endowment. This means that the college will receive the money if it can raise an amount equal to or greater than the billionaire’s pledge. So far, Bard has raised $ 250 million, with the intention of eventually raising an endowment of $ 1 billion, including funds from Soros.

The donation of CCS Bard co-founder and benefactor, Marieluise Hessel, came on the occasion of the centre’s 30th anniversary. Established in 1990, it was the first such institution in the United States, dedicated exclusively to conservation studies with a particular interest in history, politics, and social issues.

Hessel’s support for the Bard dates back to the late 1980s, when she granted Bard students and faculty exclusive access to her extensive collection of contemporary art. This laid the foundation for the creation of CCS Bard soon after. The collection is now housed at the Hessel Museum of Art on the grounds of the college, founded in 2006. In 2015, the Hessel Foundation donated to the expansion of the school’s library, special collections and archives. In addition, the foundation continues to contribute annually to the running costs of the college. According to Bard, the organization’s support has also enabled CCS Bard to provide financial assistance to 90% of incoming students.

“The foundations that Marieluise established by co-founding the institution have catalyzed change in the field and, by extension, advanced bold new discourses in contemporary art,” said Tom Eccles, executive director of CCS Bard. “By supporting CCS Bard for generations to come, Marieluise’s generosity will allow us to build on this legacy and continue to advance new ideas in curatorial practice and contemporary art. It is above all a gift for the future.

The last

Your concise guide to New York art for September 2021

Your list of must-see, fun, insightful, and very New York-inspired art events this month, including the Armory, Bushwick Open Studios, and the New York Film Festival.

Your Concise Art Guide to Los Angeles for September 2021

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Despite the size and reach of the Alliance and the involvement of figures like Neel, the group was virtually lost to art history.

A sign reminiscent of Till, disfigured by bullets, will be displayed in front of the star-spangled banner.

A video shows the museum’s glass facade and revolving doors splashed with white and green paint.

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The meaning of the Terez A. Paylor scholarship endowment https://arabcenter.net/the-meaning-of-the-terez-a-paylor-scholarship-endowment/ https://arabcenter.net/the-meaning-of-the-terez-a-paylor-scholarship-endowment/#respond Sat, 28 Aug 2021 01:34:00 +0000 https://arabcenter.net/the-meaning-of-the-terez-a-paylor-scholarship-endowment/

In her shock and agony after the sudden death in February of her fiancé, Terez A. Paylor, Ebony Reed had some hazy awareness of the flood of tributes and outpouring of condolences from across the country and Kansas City in particular. .

She knew people were saying wonderful things about the life and legacy of Terez, the beloved former Kansas City Star writer who remained in her adopted area even after leaving The Star in 2018 to cover the story. NFL for Yahoo Sports.

It’s just that she hasn’t been able to absorb much for a long time. And the truth is, she’s still trying to deal with it.

“But I feel like I’m heading more to a place where I’m ready to celebrate it,” she said. “And for me, that’s what Friday will be.”

Friday was Terez A. Paylor Day in Kansas City. And on to punctuate it with the removal of his press seat at Arrowhead Stadium, where the Chiefs also presented a check for $ 10,000 to Howard University’s Terez A. Paylor scholarship fund, launched in partnership by The Star. , Yahoo Sports and The Wall Street. Journal (for which Ebony works).

But above all, Friday was an extraordinary stage around the rest of the celebration: The scholarship contributions have already eclipsed $ 100,000, as Ebony announced via Twitter on Friday morning, allowing her to be endowed.

This means, as she said in her announcement, that it will never go away.

Which underscores, of course, the fact that Terez will never really leave us either.

Now, it’s unclear how many scholarships with such distinct origins might exist, especially at the smaller number of historically black colleges and universities, Ebony noted.

But it’s certainly reasonable to suggest that Terez is again on a rare level and in distinguished company which (courtesy of Peyton Manning’s Peyback Foundation) includes former NFL stars Doug Williams (Grambling State) and Harold. Carmichael (Southern) and trail legend Wilma Rudolph (State of Tennessee).

This development, however, is a testament to something else as well, including Ebony’s iron drive to realize a vision Terez presented to her in the summer of 2020 shortly after one of her uncles died from COVID- 19.

It was a moment of reflection for the couple. And it sparked conversations about everything from their futures and estate planning to just getting their “affairs” in order.

In the middle of that, one night, Terez blurted out, “You know, one day I would really like to have a scholarship in my name in Howard.”

That’s because Terez has always been grateful for his education and broader experiences at Howard, where he graduated in 2006 with a degree in Written Journalism with Distinction before soon starting a 12-year tenure at The Star.

Ebony Reed, left, and Sharmyn Elliott, fiancee and father of Terez A. Paylor embraced as Kansas City Chiefs president Mark Donovan, right, spoke to the pair before the Chiefs paid homage to Paylor by withdrawing his seat from the press gallery and presenting a check to the Terez A. Paylor Scholarship at Howard University in a ceremony Friday, August 27 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Tammy Ljungblad tljungblad@kcstar.com

When Ebony asked her how much he thought it might cost to organize a scholarship, she recalls, Terez estimated maybe $ 25,000.

Neither of them thought they could afford it, and certainly not in the short term as a young couple with no generational wealth.

But at the very heart of Terez’s being, she said, wanted to be of service to others. So he still left her a powerful suggestion, like, “Yeah, but someday that would be great, Ebony.”

So she said, “I was just, like, ‘OK, I’m going to put it on the list.’ “

He rose to the top of the list, alas, much sooner than anyone would have liked.

But it also became a cause she needed and an idea that touched her parents as well.

In a statement made during the campaign announcement, Terez’s parents Sharmyn Elliott and Ava Paylor-Elliott (both of whom attended Friday night’s pre-game ceremony in the press box), stated that they “couldn’t think of a better way to recognize, honor and cement Terez’s legacy and contributions as a sports journalist than to establish this scholarship in his name at HU.

“By virtue of this scholarship, we hope that our son’s legacy will continue and inspire future black sports journalists to employ the tenacity and perseverance embodied by Terez, and to uphold those values ​​that he embodied by pledging to be the best it can be. and never be overworked.

So now there is a magnificent tribute to Terez in the form of the endowed scholarship itself, to be awarded to students majoring in sports journalism who have a minimum of 3.0 GPA, but also how it was funded.

When Ebony thinks about how grateful she is to see this idea blossom, she thinks of the engagements of The Journal, Yahoo, and The Star. And the many companies that have offered matching giving programs in which their employees have participated. And, of course, BreakingT’s All-Juice Team gear, all of the proceeds of which go to the stock market.

Clark Hunt, chief executive officer of the Kansas City Chiefs, paid tribute to sports reporter Terez A. Paylor, whose family watched, in a ceremony Friday, August 27 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. The Chiefs removed the seat from the Paylor press box and presented a check for $ 10,000 to the Terez A. Paylor Scholarship at Howard Tammy Ljungblad University tljungblad@kcstar.com

But she also thinks of the hundreds of others who have contributed.

They were young and old, people he or she or his parents knew… and many of them had never met.

People who gave $ 10 because it was what they could afford and it mattered to them.

All of this in a matter of months in the midst of a pandemic and in the midst of her own mourning that at times left her wondering if she could get through a reunion without suddenly being in the throes of a “full cry-fest.” This included then coordinating with Howard’s people.

“They must have been extremely patient with me because some weeks when I was in contact I could barely speak because I was still in mourning,” she said. “But I was like, ‘Give me the numbers. I need to know where we are. I need to know what is exceptional. I need to know who to call to make sure they send this check. “

The result, she hopes, will make the Kansas City community proud.

But he can certainly be proud in another way.

Because of everyone who has watched over her and her since Terez died.

“I want people to know about this community and how wonderful it is and why I would want to stay,” she said.

Ebony moved from Boston, Missouri to be with Terez in 2017, and then from Columbia to Kansas City in 2019. In 2020, they bought and built a house together.

You would have thought she had been here her entire life, based on what happened after Terez died.

Her direct messages on Twitter, she said, “were on fire… There were so many people in this community who wrote to me that they had never met me, and some of them met me. still write.

One day, men she had never met surprised her by shoveling the driveway. The wife of one of them quickly called and said, “We are your neighbors and we are going to clean up this alley. ”

A FedEx woman picked up Terez’s work gear from Yahoo and stood in her driveway and prayed with her.

When she placed a take out order at the Red Door Grill in Liberty but took two hours to get dressed because she was having a bad day, they redid her food when she arrived; they didn’t want her to eat cold food or feel bad for taking so long to get there.

At First Watch in Shoal Creek, which Terez went to all the time, they put little notes in his take out orders so that “you know we’re thinking of you.”

The welcoming ways of the city, of course, started before that.

unnamed (3_fitted.jpeg
Terez Paylor and Ebony Reed attend a friend’s wedding in Boston in 2019. Submitted photo

On a Southwest Airlines flight from Washington, DC, in January 2020, she spotted Mayor Quinton Lucas. Knowing that Terez had spoken to her recently, she introduced herself and formed a relationship with him. In the process that day, she also met Wendy Doyle, CEO of United WE (formerly Women’s Foundation) and eventually came to join the group’s board of directors which also contributed to its sustainability.

She is also grateful to her grief counselor, something she wants people to know because of the value she found in therapy on her journey to “whatever the new Ebony” after her tragic loss.

In the coming months, Ebony will be working with Louise Story on a book on the history of race and money in our country. The book is to be published by HarperCollins and titled “The Black Dollar”. And she sees it in some ways as an effort to advance the values ​​she and Terez were aligned with.

As consumed as it will be with it, it will also remain focused on the stock market, because the more the principle grows, the more interest it can generate and the more opportunities it can create.

In fact, she hopes that over the next ten years the endowment can exceed $ 1 million.

Especially since she believes that the more people see the quality of the students receiving the scholarship, the more they will want to be part of the “Terez A. Paylor movement for future sports journalists”.

It’s a movement that has supported her in her worst times, with a little help from family, friends and strangers.

And that result will be another way we can all remember Terez… and through which she will stay connected to him forever.

“As long as I live,” she said, “I will continue to fundraise to some extent for this.”

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Vahe Gregorian has been a sports columnist for The Kansas City Star since 2013 after 25 years at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He has covered a wide range of sports, including 10 Olympics. Vahe studied English at the University of Pennsylvania and received his Masters degree from Mizzou.

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