Foreign bank market

Securities Financing Industry News | Foreign banks allowed to become direct clearing members of the Russian NCC

The Moscow Stock Exchange introduced a separate trading member and clearing member status for participants on the Russian execution platform and the central counterparty. From today, foreign banks with clearing interests in the Russian market will be able to offer sponsored access to the National Clearing Center (NCC), the group’s …

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JPMorgan’s punishment for currency rigging ends.

The Federal Reserve lifted restrictions on JPMorgan Chase for its role in exchange rate rigging between 2008 and 2013. The Fed, which among its responsibilities helps regulate banks, ended a 2015 enforcement order against JPMorgan for “dangerous and misguided banking practices,” such as coordinating transactions with other banks through discussion …

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Bond rally reduces inflation fears

The multi-month decline in bond yields illustrates investor belief that inflation is probably not the biggest problem facing the US and global economy. Monday’s massive sell-off in major U.S. stock indexes highlighted growing investor concern that the biggest risk to the markets right now is disappointing growth, rather than the …

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