CFSEA secures new partnership with Cypress County Community Fund formation

On December 9, the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta (CFSEA) announced the creation of the Cypress County Community Fund.

This fund represents the full representation of Southeastern Alberta for CFSEA, as the Cypess County Community Fund joins the Prairie Crocus Community Fund in Special Zones and the MD of Acadia, the Rural Community Fund of Forty Mile and the Brooks & District Community Fund.

“Having partnerships with municipalities in Alberta has been of great benefit to charities and philanthropists on this side of Alberta, and we are just thrilled to be able to continue rural development since its growth. has helped provide funds to nonprofits trying to make their communities a better place to live, ”said Niki Gray, Interim Executive Director of CFSEA.

The groundwork for these rural endowments was first laid in 2018 when CFSEA conducted the initial feasibility study, Gray said. The study was successful, with the first three funds being established in 2019.

“We had almost full representation across the province, until we contacted Cypress County to see if they wanted to establish a community fund for that area as well,” Gray said. “We approached the county to see if they were interested in a partnership and they made an initial contribution of $ 10,000 to establish the endowment fund, then the Community Foundation board of directors provided an additional $ 10,000. . ”

The Rural Endowment Fund will allow philanthropists and donors to “give where they live,” Gray said. Donations to the fund will be used to benefit charities and causes within the county itself.

“It will also give the opportunity for charities and nonprofits to apply for funds like they have done in the past to the Community Foundation,” said Gray. “The only difference now is that the review process will be a little different. An advisory committee will be established in Cypress County and will be made up of residents living in the county itself. Applications submitted by Cypress County will be considered locally. And what we love about it is that it gives local residents the opportunity to take a look and keep in mind what the community’s greatest needs are and if these apps are viable. or not.

Nonprofits will still be able to apply directly to CFSEA, through their Medicine Hat office or website, but this will allow applications to be considered by those who know best the needs of the community who could benefit from them, Gray said.

CFSEA is currently seeking interested individuals for the Cypress County Community Fund Advisory Committee to be part of the review process.

“We would love to connect with people who are engaged in their community and who reside in Cypress County and they can contact us if they are interested in getting involved,” said Gray.

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