Chris Waddle defends cautious Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley

Former Newcastle winger Chris Waddle has warned club supporters their protests against owner Mike Ashley and manager Steve Bruce must end as he has suggested the proposed Saudi consortium buyout may not be the answer.

Ashley tried unsuccessfully to sell the club to Saudi investors for over a year, but the the negotiations got bogged down in political discussions that ended the deal.

Now Waddle has told TEAMtalk that Newcastle fans are misguided if they believe a Saudi takeover will return the club to the top of the Premier League in record time.

“People think, sell the club to the Saudis and we’ll win the championship, but it’s not like that,” Waddle told us at a VO5 event.

“You can wish anything from the Saudis with a lot of money, but wish again. You can tell they have that money and that money, but they might come and say it’s not easy to compete with Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United, but it’s not easy. We have seen many clubs take over over the years and it just got worse.

“If there was an open checkbook, things could happen. If the checkbook comes out and it has an extra zero at the end, you will get players, but the club might not enter the Champions League and all of a sudden they will have to sell two or three players.

“I’m watching Sheffield on Wednesday, after spending time at the club, and they show what can happen if you get ahead.

“Their president has arrived, had a two-year plan to enter the Premier League and that didn’t happen. Now they are in League One. He didn’t have a plan B, so I would have Mike ashley in Sheffield on Wednesday tomorrow morning.

Waddle believes Ashely’s reluctance to speak to the media is one of the reasons Newcastle fans have been asking for his exit for several years, as he maintains their dedication to the club fuels their desire for quick success.

“He very rarely does an interview, very rarely talks about Newcastle United and that frustrates the fans,” Ashley’s Waddle said.

“In Newcastle they want to know every minute of the day what’s going on. When they don’t get the information they want to hear, they decide he’s a hogwash president.

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“Ashley runs a tight ship”

“People say Mike Ashley doesn’t do this or don’t do that, but they have no debt, they run a nice tight ship and he knows he can’t compete with the big guys.

“People say why can’t he save the money? If he goes bankrupt and loses all of his money, would everyone at Newcastle say he’ll get a boost and get it back for him? No, they wouldn’t. They will say next president please.

Waddle went on to suggest that Ashley’s careful financial management at Newcastle provides them with some success, as it suggests that stability is an ingredient that should not be discounted.

“Newcastle fans just have to accept that they are a Premier League football club and their priority at the start of the season will be to make sure they stay in this league, as a lot of clubs do,” added Waddle.

“If Mike Ashley makes a profit every year and they go to his bank, then he’s running the business well. If he makes a profit of £ 100million a year, why would you want to sell such a business?

“I think Steve Bruce did well, he did a good job, but Newcastle fans won’t be happy until Mike Ashley is in town.”

VO5 have announced that they are the very first ‘mane sponsor’ of a football team, as they have signed non-league English club Stocksbridge Steels FC for their ‘if you have hair, take care of yourself’ campaign.

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