C&IS and Libraries Achieve Rising Tide Fundraising Goal Five Years Earlier

The College of Communication and Information Sciences and University Libraries have met their fundraising goals for the University’s $ 1.5 billion Rising Tide fundraising campaign.

The Rising Tide campaign entered its public phase on Sep 10 and still has five years of fundraising, but eight of the 12 units who have unmet fundraising goals are more than halfway there.

Some funds raised during the campaign have already been used. Hewson Hall, which opened in time for the fall semester 2021, was funded in part by Rising Tide.

After a five-year private fundraising period, C&IS and university libraries are the first to reach their multi-million dollar fundraising goals.

Communication and Information Sciences

C&IS hit its target of $ 25 million and is focusing on five key areas: endowed faculty positions, new funds and research centers, graduate scholarships, experiential learning funds, and scholarship funding.

Fundraising goals are not set directly by every unit in the Rising Tide Campaign. Instead, goals are set collaboratively between each unit, the AU Advancement Division, and the unit’s campaign committee.

“We know what we would like to have funded, what we hope to have funded,” said Jenny Wells Pyle, Director of C&IS Development. “But it also depends on what the donors are interested in. And, you know, they don’t always match perfectly.”

C&IS Dean Mark Nelson attributed his rapid success to generous donors.

One donor in particular, the Holle Family Foundation, gave $ 10 million, or half of the college’s initial fundraising goal. The foundation honors the brigadier. General Everett Holle, member of the C&IS Hall of Fame, and his parents, Evelyn and Fred Holle.

While the $ 10 million Holle Family Foundation donation has not yet been fully disbursed, the donation will help fund the Holle Chair in Communication Arts, a new interdisciplinary faculty position. The president will help decide the direction of the corresponding Holle Center for Communication Arts.

Nelson said C&IS would internally seek the post of president, which will give them time to develop a “robust” center, research program and national profile.

Many programs funded by Rising Tide are in development and lack formal plans. A program, a Faculty Fellowship for Journalistic Integrity, will be announced soon.

University Libraries

University Libraries have met their Rising Tide fundraising goal of $ 5 million.

“And I think that is proof of that, although we don’t have alumni in the university libraries, we have reached just about every student who has ever been here,” said the director of libraries. , Donald Gilstrap.

University Libraries have a number of plans funded by Rising Tide, which include moving the Special Collections from Mary Harmon Bryant Hall to the Gorgas Library, and will require the construction of air-conditioned facilities.

A pool of graduate students is also in preparation. The space would add research librarians, statistical and research software, individual and collaborative spaces, and consultation rooms.

“Just because we hit our goal doesn’t mean we’re stopping,” said Gilstrap.

Like C&IS, new projects will be announced as new funding levels are reached.

Thanks to a donation from Library Leadership Board member Dedie Hendrix and her husband Bill, the libraries establish the Russell Hendrix Endowment for Excellence.

Gilstrap reiterated that library donors have a “wonderful philanthropic spirit” and that libraries are “incredibly lucky to have such generous donors.”

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