Council of Visitors summary of actions and discussions

The James Madison University Visitors Council met on Friday, November 19, 2021 at the Festival Conference and Student Center.

Here is a summary of the actions taken by the board and the main topics of discussion during the board meeting:

Approved the minutes of the Visitors Council meeting of September 24, 2021 and the staff action update;

Accepted committee reports from college and student life, advancement, athletics, ad hoc governance, finance and physical development and leadership;

Tim Miller, vice president of student affairs, led a COVID-19 update;

Melinda Wood, Associate Vice President for Access and Enrollment and Director of Admissions, provided an update on admissions;

Nick Langridge, vice president for advancement, and Warren Coleman, executive director of the JMU Foundation, reported on the JMU endowment;

Brian Charette, Special Assistant to the President, and Chris Orem, Director of Institutional Research, provided an update on the BOV dashboard;

An update on racial equity and diversity, equity and inclusion was provided by Rudy Molina, Vice-President, Student Academic Success; and,

The BOV voted to rename the CISAT A1 building to King Hall in honor of Charles King, Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance, upon his retirement, dedication and commitment to JMU and because he This was his first investment project at JMU.

President Algiers shared during his presidential report:

  • Triple Duke Sami Nuristani was recognized for his post-graduation work in the office of the President of Afghanistan and for the work of JMU faculty and staff in coordinating his evacuation;
  • JMU continues to lead in the area of ​​civic engagement by highlighting increased voting, enrollment and performance rates on campuses, in addition to new partnerships underway statewide;
  • University partners have played a leading role in community engagement through the development of the Shenandoah Valley Collective Action Pact, which has been recognized by Virginia Business for their collaboration;
  • Newsweek named JMU as one of the nation’s top 150 schools for online learning, with a ranking of 50e;
  • JMU ranked # 27 out of 422 colleges listed in the Princeton Review Guide to Green Colleges, which is the top ranked university in the Commonwealth;
  • Ashleigh Baber was named Rising Star 2022 by the American Chemical Society’s Conference of Women Chemists, and her research uses a home-built surface analysis chamber to perform temperature-programmed desorption and electron spectrometry experiments Auger;
  • Numerous awards and scholarships have been recognized by the Scholarships and Awards Office;
  • JMU reopened the Minerals Museum to showcase the recent donation from the Peter L. Via Mineral collection, in addition to past donations;
  • Homecoming 2021 has been an exciting time to include in-person and virtual events with great success;
  • The College of Business has organized a grand reopening for the new learning complex and the integration of the Showker and Hartman rooms;
  • In athletics update, football wraps up regular season tomorrow, Atlantic Union Bank Center is an amazing experience for fans and players, JMU is excited about the future with the imminent move to the Sun Belt , and an update was provided on the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics; and,
  • The start of December 2021 will be on December 18, where there will be a combined undergraduate and undergraduate ceremony, and Dr. Sheary Darcus Johnson will be the opening speaker.

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