Donation of $ 1.7 million for Special Olympics Montana

GREAT FALLS – First Interstate Bank and the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation have teamed up to donate $ 1.75 million to Special Olympics Montana’s “Reveal the Champion in Us All” endowment campaign.

Since 2016, the campaign has raised $ 9.75 million, with the most recent donation bringing the endowment to less than $ 250,000 of its goal of $ 10 million.

“The First Interstate Bank and the Washington Foundation have been long-standing partners of the organization for decades,” said Bob Norbie, executive director of the endowment campaign. “They helped us grow and they grew with us. We now serve over 3,500 athletes a year, and there are so many more that could be served if we had the capacity. And this endowment will ensure capacity in the future. “

The money raised will help Special Olympics Montana weather potential storms that would endanger its mission to provide opportunities for people with developmental disabilities, including unpredictable events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For an organization that maintains close contact with athletes through sport, entering into social isolation during lockdown is just a travesty in the lives of the athletes we serve,” said Norbie. “But good people with abundance and resources stepped up and said, ‘We’re going to make this work. We will ensure your future in perpetuity ”.

Of the 330 endowment campaign donors, five have donated more than $ 1 million – led by the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation to the tune of $ 1.75 million.

“And so, between the endowment, our annual fundraiser, as well as some of our small reserves, we will diversify our revenue streams to ensure that when these unpredictable events occur, we are able to continue and serve the athletes. across this great state, ”Norbie said.

Kevin Washington of the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation has earmarked $ 250,000 from the donation as a “challenge grant” to help SOMT reach its end goal of $ 10 million by the end of the campaign on June 30.

Those interested in making a donation can have their donation matched up to $ 250,000.

If you are interested in helping Special Olympics Montana reach their goal of $ 10 million, please contact Bob Norbie, Executive Director of the Campaign, at 406-899-2323 or [email protected] For more information on Special Olympics Montana, visit

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