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Friday 04 June 2021

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Some students from St. Marguerite Catholic School and Principal Trisha Kirkbride thank Karyl Maynard for an endowment that will benefit the school.

By Linda Petersen

Intermountain Catholic

TOOELE – The concerns of a Catholic school principal in 2021 are significant: declining enrollments and budgets and the effects of the pandemic among them. The principal of St. Marguerite Catholic School, Trisha Kirkbride, supported several, but her burdens were significantly reduced when, on May 26, Karyl Maynard endowed the school with $ 10,000.

St. Marguerite doesn’t receive a lot of endowments, which makes Maynard’s donation even more appreciated, Kirkbride said. “It is a blessing for our school because we are such a small school and we have been affected by COVID. Our enrollments are down – normally, in our younger classes in particular, we are usually booming, so when we were hit by COVID we had to tighten our budget just to be able to offer some of the activities that the students are. regulars. to have, especially textbooks and tests, so it’s a huge blessing to be able to provide these things and be able to save for the future of next year.

This year, 94 students are enrolled in the school; before the pandemic, there were 120. Kirkbride hopes that next year enrollments will return to pre-COVID numbers.

Maynard, who is 90, made the gift on behalf of herself and her husband Phil, who died in 1995. None of the Maynards were Catholic and, having never had children, had no children. children or grandchildren at school. However, Karyl Maynard became friends with Bruce and Susie Cummings, longtime St. Margaret’s parishioners, when she and Bruce Cummings worked together at the Tooele Army Depot. The Maynards adopted the Cummings family and the neighborhood kids as their own.

The Cummings also introduced the Maynards to Msgr. Matthew Wixstead (pastor of Sainte-Marguerite parish from 1996 to 2008) and Sister Marianne Rohr, SA, with whom they quickly became friends.

The priest and nun provided great comfort during Phil Maynard’s long illness, said Karyl Maynard. At his request, upon the death of Phil Maynard, his funeral was celebrated by Father Jerry Lynch, pastor of the parish from 1989 to 1996.

Karyl Maynard had planned to leave the endowment at the school after her death, but decided it was necessary now, she said.

“You know where he needs to go,” she told school officials after handing them the check. “You got it; you spend it.

The endowment will provide Catholic school education for children, said Jennifer Carroll, executive director of the Catholic Foundation of Utah. “This helps not only the tuition, but also books, school supplies, student needs; it is a huge gift for Sainte-Marguerite.

“This is important because it allows our students to be educated in Catholic schools, especially in Tooele at St. Marguerite Catholic School,” she said. “I think people always feel like what they’re doing is just a drop in the ocean and it’s huge; it makes such a difference.

Kirkbride will consult with Pastor Fr. Murillo to determine how best to use Maynard’s endowment.

“I want to make sure it benefits the whole student body in some way or another,” she said.

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