Eco-friendly house floating on the Thames in London asks for £ 1.75million

A lavish barge floating on the Thames in London has been marketed for £ 1.75million (US $ 2.4million).

The Nautical Residence is equipped with all the amenities a buyer would expect from a typical, non-floating London home and was designed with sustainability in mind, according to Alex Host, founder of Star Port Homes, the company that designed, builds and sells the property.

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It has an integrated hydroelectric system, a portable water supply system, triple-glazed windows and many other environmentally friendly measures. But the home isn’t just good for the environment, Host said.

“This lifestyle immediately takes the owner into nature on a daily basis,” and it offers “a lot of space to contemplate,” said Mr. Host.

In particular, the bath is made for relaxation. With a circular skylight directly above the tub, when submerged, “you look straight up at the sky,” he said.

Houses of the star port

Measuring just over 2,000 square feet, the contemporary three-bedroom home features a bright double-height reception room and gas fireplace, kitchen with wet bar, a movie theater with a built-in projector connection and overhead speakers, and of course on a houseboat, water views are standard.

The boat, currently moored at St. Katharine Docks, an exclusive private development right next to the historic Tower of London, has three decks, providing plenty of space for outdoor entertainment, according to the listing.

Houses of the star port

The property is the “best of both worlds,” said Mr. Host. It has the “flexibility of a boat, as well as the comfort and stability of a normal house”.

“The whole team is pretty happy to have achieved something that people don’t notice at first glance. [as] just a floating house, ”he added.

For savvy buyers, one of the most attractive features of the home may be that for the typical buyer, houseboats are exempt from the country’s heavy stamp duty, the tax paid on property purchases. Although that can change depending on how the house is purchased.

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