Economic autonomy was abandoned by Modi’s government to please businesses

20 crore workers went on strike against the Modi government’s policies of privatizing and dismantling the public sector across the country on November 2 last year.

Railways, steel, power, LIC, BSNL, and the defense sector are all profitable, but the BJP government led by Modi has opened the doors to domestic and foreign companies. This amounts to mortgaging the country to foreign companies.

The banks are merged in order to help their fraudulent friends. So far, loans worth Rs 8 lakh crore have been evaded and have become non-performing assets.

The burden of more taxes is piled on the common man by the goods and services tax. Apart from that, the prices of gasoline, diesel and cooking gas have all skyrocketed. As diesel prices rise, transportation costs are also increased. The prices of basic necessities have skyrocketed.

Does self-sufficiency mean selling profitable power supplies at a lower price to corporate friends and placing the burden of taxes and rising prices on the common man?

People should ask BJP leaders how many jobs have been created. During the lockdown, how many in general and how many migrant workers in particular lost their livelihoods If people could live in peace, and in freedom?

The Modi government is preparing to organize “Amruth Mahotsav” on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of independence. The concept of autonomy has turned out to be a misnomer. In this crucial situation, people should wake up, open their eyes, raise their conscience, fight against the sale of profitable companies to foreign investors, privatization and especially against the corporatization of agriculture.

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Opinions expressed are personal

The author is the Secretary of State of Telangana, CPI

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