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Every constituent group spoke about the rising cost of higher education and expressed concerns that Taylor remains affordable to the kinds of families we have historically served. Affordability is a key driver of enrollment growth, and Taylor supporters have donated generously to scholarships and scholarship funds in current use for decades. In light of the growing competitiveness of our market, Taylor needs to make meaningful gains by increasing our endowment and launching new scholarships that can be deployed immediately.

Additionally, the University’s physical campus plays such a central role in the Taylor experience that we need an inspiring environment to learn and experience. Renewing spaces in existing campus buildings, addressing deferred maintenance issues with recently secured funding, and constructing select facilities that will support Taylor’s growth and development in the near future are essential to ensuring the excellence that we associate with Taylor.

Finally, we are seeking seed funding to launch new initiatives for Taylor’s next season, with a particular focus on ventures that will become revenue-generating within 2-5 years. In light of these priorities, we are aiming for the following strategic objectives.

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