Financial Week: How much the blue dollar, MEP and stocks traded after the fund deal

The financial climate improved in the week when the Casa Rosada succeeded in garnering the support of the opposition to give a half-sanction to the deputies to the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). However, consistent with what happened in Congress,

the blue dollar it fell back on the secondary market in Buenos Aires on Friday, after Argentina’s draft agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was approved in the Chamber of Deputies, before moving on to the Senate.

How much was the blue dollar trading at and what was the spread

the the blue dollar closed the week at $202 at the point of sale. Thus, it ended today on the securities with which it started its operations last Monday, a day when bonds continued their upward trend and country risk decreased.

According to the average price in the informal market, the parallel dollar registered a decline of $1 and closed at $199 for the purchase and $202 for the sale.

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The decline of the informal dollar narrows the gap to 84.6% and in the first two weeks of March, exhibitions a loss of $9after ending last month at $211.

What happened to financial dollars

Financial dollars also fell again, as cash with settlement (CCL) fell 1.3%, to $189.74, and accumulates a 5.8% decline since last Monday.

Thus, the gap with the official dollar fell to 74.1%, the lowest level since September 10.

the MEP The stock market fell 1.6% and 5.1% in the week before listing at $187.56 and it operated for the first time in six months below “solidarity”, as the spread collapsed to 72.3%, the lowest since late July last year.

The Savings Dollar Has Gone: The Official Strategy to Close the Gap

The dollar of savings or “solidarity” – retail plus taxes – advanced by 18 cents, to 188.91 dollars on average, according to the prices of exchange offices and banks.

In the wholesale sector, the currency advanced 11 cents up to $108.88 and within the week it built up a 75 cent lead, the second highest of last year.

The Central Bank took the opportunity to strengthen reserves

The Central Bank (BCRA) bought this Friday other US$5 million and weekdays accumulated US$375 millionwhich brought the amount for the month to exceed $465 million.

Due to profit taking, the shares traded lower on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, with the S&P Merval Index at 88,999.06 units, with a loss of 1.42%.

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The strongest rises favored IRSA papers, which rose by 6.25%; AGRI 4.25%; EAT 4.04%; MPC 3.65%; and CRES 3.33%.

Among the victims were the species of MOLA 7.36%; PAMP 5.16%; BUY 4.94%; and BMA, with a drop of 3.33%.

The Argentine pontificates, with a mixed tendency

Dollar bonds continued their recovery with an average improvement of 1% and country risk rose by 1,800 points, to 1,796 units, against a low of 1,083 seen in 2020 after the closing of the debt swap and a maximum of 1,991 points at the start of the year. this week.

Bond gains were led by the Global 2035, which rose 0.7%, the Global 2029 with 0.6% and the Global 2030, which improved by 0.5%.

On Wall Street, the Argentine newspapers operated with a contrasting trend: the main increases came from Bioceres (3.5%) and Grupo Financiero Galicia (0.7%) and the largest losses were recorded by Pampa Energía (4 .2%) and Free Market (2.3%). ).

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