Market boom, major donors push AU endowment to over $ 1 billion for the first time | Local News

The AU Endowment is overseen by the University of Arizona Nonprofit Foundation and its Board of Trustees. This board includes an investment committee that works with the Fund Evaluation Group to manage endowment donations.

“In addition to the generosity of our supporters, I would like to celebrate the hard and diligent work of our investment committee and FEG,” said John-Paul Roczniak, President and CEO of the UA Foundation, in a Press release. “We could not have achieved a billion dollar endowment without their sustained and dedicated efforts over many years.”

Almost all colleges or universities have an endowment, which is a portfolio of many individual private donations that provide institutions with a secure source of funding. At the AU, this money is used to support a variety of needs such as scholarships, student programs, research, the arts, faculty, and facilities.

As of this school year, the AU has achieved its long-standing goal of exceeding $ 1 billion. It now joins a much smaller list of around 100 universities, which includes the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia, with endowments exceeding $ 1 billion.

Donors to the AU have made more than 40,000 individual contributions. Some were as small as $ 10 and others were over $ 1 million. Some of this year’s biggest donations have been earmarked to help the AU advance achievements in healthcare and the arts.

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