M&M International Organizes St. Aidan’s Church Campaign

Faith-based fundraising organization manages and supports the church’s “Strong Roots, New Season” campaign

Since launching fundraising on January 16, “Strong Roots, New Season” has already raised over $500,000, surpassing its goal.

—Marthe Asselin

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — M&M International, a Toronto-based faith-based fundraising organization, manages and supports St. Aidan’s in the Beach “Strong Roots, New Season” campaign for essential funds to expand their ministry and outreach capabilities.

St. Aidan’s in the Beach is a large church located in Toronto’s “The Beaches” neighborhood with a mission to “know Christ and make him known”. With an emphasis on community and connection, St. Aidan’s is committed to being a safe, inclusive and welcoming space for all. Their “Strong Roots, New Season” fundraising campaign aims to help them continue to fulfill their mission for decades to come.

In 2013, the church embarked on an innovative plan to redevelop, repair and renovate its building. Their efforts, combined with the financial support of their parishioners, resulted in an environmentally efficient, accessible and flexible building, allowing St. Aidan to continue to welcome the Beach community.

As of 2022, critical elements of their plan exceed the scope of their initial renovations and remain unfunded. The “Strong Roots, New Season” campaign will address other reparations and expand their ministry and reach, helping them achieve their vision.

Since launching fundraising on January 16, “Strong Roots, New Season” has already raised over $500,000, surpassing its goal. The total projected costs of the campaign’s five core initiatives are $750,000, including $250,000 from the church’s operating surplus and endowment fund.

If these costs remain within the quoted estimates, St. Aidan expects that they will need to use less of their operating surplus and/or endowment funds over time to complete the work, allowing them to redirect their operating surplus/endowment funds to other essential church activities in the years to come.

Learn more about fundraising as well as St. Aidan’s key initiatives for this campaign here: https://www.strongrootsnewseason.com/. Martha Asselin of M&M International may be contacted for further questions, comments or information at +1 (416) 845-7025. Learn more about M&M International here.

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