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Last fall, the Riigikogu decided to support the establishment of the City Center Cultural Center (SÜKU) in the heart of Tartu as a cultural initiative of national importance.

Since early spring, he has been discussing the details of the financing of the project with the city of Tartu, and a draft contract has since been finalized. Before signing it, however, Allikmaa wants to meet with the Cultural Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu.

“Initially, the Riigikogu’s proposal stipulated that the Cultural Foundation would fund two-thirds of the development costs, with the city of Tartu funding the remaining third,” he explained. “Tartu now wants to cover 25% of the costs.”

According to Allikmaa, this could cost the Cultural Foundation an additional 5 to 6 million euros.

Mayor of Tartu, Urmas Klaas (Reform), said that the will of the private sector to support the development of SÜKU has faded and, moreover, there are now additional development plans to build a civilian shelter under the center for the use of those present in the building as well as those in the surrounding area.

“The public sector should join forces to negotiate and secure funding for this venture,” Klaas said.

During the next meeting, Allikmaa would also like to discuss exactly how the increase in construction costs will be calculated – “Whether to use the official construction price index (CPI) or the reference prices of most recent construction offers and analyze the price increases that have occurred since the application was first filed.

Both Allikmaa and Klaas confirmed that there were no fundamental disagreements.

The former also confirmed that following the meeting with the Riigikogu committee, the Cultural Foundation is ready to sign the agreement.

According to Klaas, the construction of SÜKU should be completed by 2029.

“Once a decision has been made, an international architectural competition will be announced in the coming months,” the mayor said. “The necessary preparations are underway.”

The Riigikogu’s cultural affairs committee is due to convene for an extraordinary meeting on August 29, said Liina Kersna, the committee’s new deputy chair. The committee intends to also meet with the Cultural Endowment.

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