PCSO 3D lotto result today June 4, 2022

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) announces the results of the 3D Lotto draws at 2 p.m., 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. today.

The latest Swertres 3D results updates are posted here during the draw.

Here is the most recent 3D result today, June 4, 2022:

3D lotto draws Winning results (in exact order) Winners
2 p.m. _-_-_ To be determined
5 p.m. _-_-_ To be determined
9 p.m. _-_-_ To be determined

Please note that 3D Lotto was previously known as Swertres Lotto. The result above is identical to the Swertres result for June 4, 2022. Reload this page for updated results.

Lotto 3D (formerly known as Swertres Lotto) is one of the oldest fixed price games organized by PCSO. It has been extremely popular with the public since its inception in 2002. 3D Lotto prizes are PhP 4,500 for Straight Play, PhP 1,500 for Rambolito 3 Play, and PhP 750 for Rambolito 6 Play. The odds of winning these prizes are 1 in 1000, 1 in 333 and 1 in 167 respectively.

PCSO holds Swertres 3D Lotto draws at 2:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. daily, except when a prior official announcement is made. Postponement of draws usually occurs during major holidays.

How to Play 3D Lotto

Playing PCSO 3D lotto is easy. Here are the step-by-step instructions for playing this popular number game:

  1. Select a combination of three (3) numbers from one (1) to nine (9) in each column on a Loto 3D game card.
  2. If you can’t think of any number combination, choose Lucky Pick (LP) to let the system select the 3D Lotto number combination for you.
  3. To mark Rambolito in case you want the terminal to automatically generate all possible combinations of the numbers you have chosen.
  4. Choose the amount you want to play for each combination.
  5. For Advance Plays, select the number of consecutive draws in the Draw Draw panel.
  6. Pay the ticket price and get your ticket printed when done.
  7. See the 3D result after the live draw to check if you got the winning number combination.

Every combination of Loto 3D costs PHP 12 including 20% ​​Documentary Stamp Tax (DST).

Be sure to sign the back of the 3D lotto ticket after placing your bet and keep the ticket in a safe, dry place.

Do not iron, fold, wet or alter your ticket. Tickets are heat sensitive and must be validated by the machine before you can claim your prize.

Remember that only those 18 and over are allowed to play and claim prizes.

You can also play Rambolito. Select a 3-digit number combination and the system will automatically swap and generate all of its possible combinations. If the selected 3-digit combination has no repeating digits, for example 123, the number of combinations generated will be six (6). If the selected 3-digit combination has two (2) repeated digits, for example 122, the number of combinations generated will be three (3).


Additional PCSO Guidelines to Follow When Playing 3D Lotto

PCSO has put in place the rules below to be observed by 3D Lotto bettors nationwide.

  1. Always wear your face mask. Players without a face mask will not be permitted to place 3D Loto bets.
  2. Respect physical distance at all times in the point of sale.
  3. Use your own ballpoint pen when placing bets.
  4. Use the board provided when handing over your bet slip and payment.
  5. Use the alcohols, sanitizer or hand sanitizer provided before leaving the outlet.
  6. Put your used betting card and your old tickets in the trash.

3D Lotto Prizes for Straight/Standard and Rambolito Games

3D Lotto is one of PCSO’s number games. In 3D Lotto, get all three (3) winning numbers in exact order saves you 4,500 PhP for 12 pesos standard game.

Play via the Rambolito gives you prizes of PhP 1,500 for Rambolito 3 and PHP 750 for Rambolito 6.

For more information on 3D Lotto prizes, see the paytable below:

3D lotto game Match Price
Standard (straight) 3 numbers in exact order PHP4,500
Rambolito 3 1 pair of the same number and 1 different number PHP1,500
Rambolito 6 3 numbers in any order PHP 750

A player can win up to 4,500 pesos per set of 12 pesos if their number matches the result of the 3D lotto drawn by PCSO.

3D Lotto FAQ – All 3D Lotto Questions Answered Here

How can I win 3D Lotto prizes?

You win a prize by playing 3D Lotto in Straight (Standard) Play or Rambolito Play mode.

In Straight Play, you choose three (3) numbers, one for each column consisting of numbers 0 through 9.

If your entry matches the 3D winning numbers in exact orderyou earn 4,500 PHP.

The standard/straight game is the default game unless you select the Rambolito option in the game slip.

In Rambolito Play you always win a prize even if your selected combination does not match the winning numbers in the exact order. The downside is that Rambolito Play’s prices are much lower than Straight Play’s.

With Rambolito, you play either Rambolito 6 if your selected combination has no repeating digits, or Rambolito 3 if your selected combination has a repeating digit.

If your number combination matches the 3D results in any orderyou earn either 1,500 PhP (Rambolito 3) or 750 PhP (Rambolito 6).

What are the lotto draws today, June 4, 2022?

Here are the PCSO games scheduled for today: 2D Lotto (EZ2), 3D Lotto (Swertres), STL, 6D Lotto, Lotto 6/42 and Grand Lotto 6/55.

Can I play 3D lotto in advance?

You can play up to 6 draws in advance. To play in advance, simply select the desired number of advanced games in the DRAW section of the game slip. Your Loto 3D combination will then be played several times depending on the number of draws you have chosen.

For example, if you have selected 6 draws, your chosen 3D Loto entry will be valid for the following six (6) 3D Loto draws.

What is Rambolito?

Rambolito is a variant of the 3D Lotto game that allows its bettors to win prizes even if they did not get the winning numbers in the exact order.

With Rambolito, you play either Rambolito 6 or Rambolito 3.

In Rambolito 6, you select a number combination consisting of three different numbers (eg 2-6-9), creating a total of six (6) number combinations. If the 3D results match your number combination in any order, you win a prize of PhP 750.

In Rambolito 3, you score a number combination consisting of a repeated number and another number (eg 3-3-5), generating a total of three (3) number combinations. If any of your number combinations match the 3D winning numbers in any order, you receive a prize of PhP1,500.

To play Rambolito, select the Rambolito option in the Loto 3D game bulletin.

When does PCSO organize Loto 3D draws?

The PCSO holds 3D lotto draws every day at 2:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. at the PCSO drawing ground in Mandaluyong City.

Does PCSO organize 3D lotto draws during the holidays?

PCSO regularly cancels its lotto draws during regular holidays such as December 25 (Christmas), January 1 (New Year), Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday. On other special holidays such as December 24 (Christmas) and December 31 (New Year), the PCSO changes its draw schedule so that all draws are completed by early afternoon.

What does DST mean?

DST or Documentary Stamp Tax is a 20% tax imposed on PCSO lotto ticket prices by the government under the Acceleration and Inclusion Tax Reform Act (TRAIN Act).

PCSO started adding 20% ​​DST on its ticket prices when the law came into force in 2018. As a result, 2D (EZ2), 3D (Swertres), 4D and 6D lotto ticket prices went from PhP 10 to PhP 12 while the 6/42, 6/45, 6/49, 6/55 and 6/58 lotto tickets went from PhP 20 to PhP 24.

How do I claim the 3D lotto prize?

If you won one of the 3D Lotto draws today, pay attention to these helpful tips when claiming your prize.

To claim 3D lotto winnings under PhP5,000, go to the nearest authorized lotto outlet or PCSO branch and present your winning ticket.

Lotto winnings over PhP5,000 but not exceeding PhP20,000 can be claimed at any PCSO branch.

Winnings over PHP 20,000 can only be claimed at the PCSO Head Office located at 605 Conservatory Bldg., Shaw Blvd. corner Priceton St., Mandaluyong City.

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