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Pictured left are Jason Shelly, Bethany Perskie, David Perskie, Pamela Perskie, Joseph Perskie, Barbara and Steven P. Perskie (seated) and their grandchildren Sasha and Elena Perskie.

Photo by Donna Connor for Stockton University

Diane D’Amico Director of News and Media Relations, Submitted

The deputy. Steven P. and Barbara Perskie of Margate, and their children and spouses, Joseph and Pamela Perskie, David and Amy Perskie, and Bethany Perskie and Jason Shelly, have expanded a Perskie scholarship endowment at Stockton University.

The new Perskie Family Endowment Scholarship will incorporate and augment funds from the Marvin D. Perskie Memorial Scholarship which Perskie endowed in 1982 in honor of his uncle, a former member of the State Assembly.

Steven Perskie was the first president of the Stockton Foundation and, as a young Assembly member, taught at the newly opened Stockton State College in 1971. In November, he received the Hughes Center Honors Lifetime Achievement Award from William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy in Stockton.

Perskie is the author of the Casino Control Act of 1977 which established the Atlantic City casino industry. He served in both the State Assembly and the Senate, and was later appointed a judge of the Superior Court. He was also chief of staff to Governor James J. Florio and chairman of the NJ Casino Control Commission.

“I spoke to the kids and asked if they would join us with a family contribution,” Perskie said of the new $ 25,000 donation agreement. “A friend and his wife have also contributed and we encourage others to help us support the students of Stockton. We hope that this relationship and connection with Stockton will continue into the next generation. “

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