Rs 5 Billion Digital Skills Development Program Gets Green Light From KP Cabinet – Pakistan

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cabinet on Tuesday approved a Rs 5 billion digital skills development program for 100,000 young people.

The cabinet met here with Chief Minister Mahmood Khan in the chair and the ministers and administrative secretaries present.

Government spokesman, lawyer Mohammad Ali Saif, told reporters that the digital skills training would last three to six months and help create jobs for skilled youths.

He said the cabinet had also approved the Food Fortification Bill 2021, to ensure the presence of key vitamins in essential domestic and imported foods including flour and ghee. Vitamins include iron, folic acid, zinc, vitamin B-12, vitamin A, and vitamin D-3.

Mr. Saif said the lack of these key vitamins in food causes health complications, especially in women and children.

Initiative for the benefit of 100,000 young people; cabinet forms panel on Malakand Levies merger with police

He said the results of the national nutrition survey on KP showed that the rate of anemia was 34.7% among women and 60.8% among children, while iron deficiency among women and children was 9.1 and 20.3%, zinc 15.9% and 18.6%, vitamin B. -12 27.7% and 47.7%, and vitamin D 85, 5% and 76.9% respectively.

The spokesman said these deficiencies cause a lack of adequate physical and mental nourishment, blindness, deafness and anemia.

He said the Halal Food Authority would be empowered by legislation to impose penalties, on-site inspections, registration of manufacturers and packaging to ensure food quality. Apart from the laboratories, mobile laboratories will also be set up to check the quality of food products.

The cabinet, while accepting the request of Kaghan Valley Tourism Association, Anjuman-i-Tajiran Nathiagali and Galiyat Hotel Association, approved the issuance of a waiver notice to all businesses in the Kaghan hotel sector and Galiyat Valley registered with the KP Revenue Authority of all pending surcharges and penalties except the main tax payable. However, the default surcharge or penalty already paid will not be refunded.

In addition, the cabinet approved the establishment of a transgender endowment fund with the initial allocations of Rs 100 million. Under this initiative, transgender people will benefit from interest-free loans to start small businesses.

The Chief Minister has directed the Ministry of Finance to develop rules for the endowment fund.

The Cabinet has approved the Journalists Welfare Endowment Fund Rules, 2021, under which Rs 1 million will be paid to the families of journalists killed in acts of terrorism. In addition, permanently disabled journalists will receive a one-time grant of Rs 200,000.

In addition, the marriage scholarship is also part of the package for the son / daughter of the journalist up to Rs200,000.

In addition, a journalist with 30 years of experience will receive a monthly allowance of Rs 10,000 after reaching the age of 60.

Journalists dismissed from newspapers and television and unemployed for three consecutive months will receive a one-time allowance of Rs. 10,000 for two months. 50,000 rupees will be paid to journalists as funeral expenses following the death of family members.

Mr Saif said the cabinet also approved rules to implement the minimum wage in letter and spirit as well as the Rs 150 million grant for the establishment of Khpal Kor Nursing and Health Sciences College in the region. of Gul Kada of Swat district.

It has decided to extend the minimum wage of Rs21,000 to project employees from BPS-1 to BPS-8 from July 1, 2021.

The cabinet also approved the “Open Government Data Strategy” with the data available on the PMRU website. The administrator of the auqaf was empowered to take legal action against the publishers of the Holy Quran for printing errors.

Mr Saif said the cabinet had included the Gomal Zam Dam command area in the Canal and Drainage Act 1873 to ensure the availability of water flowing in the area for use. People.

In addition, the names of Dr. Nosherwan Burki, Mohammad Tahir Aziz, Dr. Zeeshan Bin Ishtiaq and retired Major General Salahuddin Qasim were approved as MTI provincial board members and that of Manzoor Ahmad as General Manager of KP Transmission and Grid System Company. .

The cabinet discussed creating a major hospital in Peshawar through a public-private partnership and expanding the initiative to other parts of the province thereafter.

Mr Saif said the cabinet had formed a committee to make recommendations for the merger of Malakand Levies with the regular police and produce the same at the next cabinet meeting.

Posted in Dawn, February 16, 2022

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