Sculpture to be installed at Greensboro Science Center | News

It took Hess seven months to design and 11 months to fabricate the stainless steel sculpture, according to the release.

According to a February 2020 article about the sculpture, the $225,000 to fund the project consists of $75,000 from the Public Art Endowment and $150,000 raised by the Community Foundation, the endowment and the science center.

The endowment will also provide up to $30,000 in project administrative services.

Asked about his inspiration for the piece, Hess said in the press release: “Our perception of time and space is continually changing. As a species, humans have always been driven by our sense of wonder. Using the paradigms of art and science, we navigate the great mysteries of our existence.”

“With the most powerful electron microscopes, we study infinitely small particles called Quarks (.000000000000000043 centimeters),” Hess said. “Space telescopes allow us to observe vast galaxies 13,400,000,000 light-years from Earth (a light-year is 5,879,625,370,000 miles). These tools give us perspective on our place in the universe, between the microcosm and the macrocosm.”

“Similarly,” Hess added, “our study of science allows us to imagine the immense billion-year duration of geologic time and the ephemeral nature of a nanosecond. We reside somewhere on this continuum temporal, between the permanent and the ephemeral.

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