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Shortly after their brother’s death in January 2016, Rick and Brent Clark had a vision of different ways to honor Rodney Clark.

One such method of commemoration: the Rodney Clark Memorial Golf Scramble, which benefits local high school students with a bright future.

After the fifth annual event which took place Friday morning at the Bellefonte Country Club, the endowment of the Rodney Clark Memorial Scholarship from Ashland Community and Technical College has exceeded $ 750,000, according to the school.

Rick Clark, co-owner of Clark’s Pump-N-Shop, is the chairman of the CCTA board of directors. He said last year, “We were able to award 12 scholarships to students from the tri-state area.”

“These are the jobs that we need, the trade school jobs – the two-year things that we offer here (at CCTA),” Clark said. “The CCTA is a great opportunity for young people. And it’s great for people who want to change careers, or who may have been made redundant, like at AK Steel. It’s just a great place with affordable education, and that’s what we need in the workforce here, those who are trained to do this kind of work.

With temperatures hovering in the low 70s under scenic skies, Clark said the weather “couldn’t have been better” for the 41 teams on the outing, which began at 9 a.m. The event did not take place last year due to COVID-19. Two years ago, the Daily Independent reported that there were 46 teams.

Golfers enjoyed breakfast sandwiches and food truck items as well as mini contests – such as the long drive and pot-sharing – throughout the 18-hole scramble.

“This is probably one of the best golf outings at Bellefonte every year,” said Clark, a club member. “Every year it’s first class. Jeff Bostic, the general manager of our country club, does a great job, and I thank him and the club for allowing us to have him there.

Clark said, “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate our sponsors – there are too many to name. … I appreciate everyone in it, and I want people to know that these are these kids (from the area) and that they are trying to help them be successful. You need a good education these days, and that’s why we want to help you.

“What really excites us is that the endowment will be there forever,” he added.

Clark said the support was strong every year. Sponsors will give $ 5,000 each, for example, and friends will contribute different amounts.

According to Clark, there were vendors from as far away as Missouri in attendance on Friday. He said one participant in the jamming was from Oklahoma.

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