Spotlight on Kenosha Community Foundation: Kenosha’s “Best Kept Secret”

Amy Greil

We at Kenosha Community Foundation are pleased to provide a series of articles in the coming days to celebrate National Community Foundation Week, November 12-18.

We’ll use this series to help KCF break free from the moniker “Kenosha’s Best Kept Secret” and position itself as a recognizable and sought-after resource to connect its passion for supporting the local community through fundraising. endowment that provide benefits. for life.

KCF strives to facilitate a conversation with potential donors and assists them as constructive avenues through which they can achieve their philanthropic goals and put their donations to work for the betterment of Kenosha County.

How a Community Foundation Works

Step 1: The Foundation accepts donations and establishes charitable funds, including scholarship funds. Individuals, families, businesses and organizations donate to the Foundation in cash, securities, real estate, bequests, trusts; to name a few.

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2nd step: With the donation, the Foundation and the donor(s) sign an agreement and create a permanent charitable fund. The agreement specifies how the income from the fund will be used. This agreement specifies one or more organizations or a particular focus area (fund direction) to which annual income is directed, either through a direct donation or through a grant application process. Alternatively, a donor agreement may state that the annual income allows the Foundation’s distribution policy to guide the use of these funds.

Step 3: The Foundation then manages and invests the funds – to earn income and grow the fund. In addition, the Foundation handles all administrative activities, relieving the donor of tedious record keeping.

Step 4: Annually, a percentage of the Fund’s income is distributed to fellows or fellows.

Where can a budding philanthropist start?

By establishing a seed fund with KCF, donors can create a charitable endowment that supports annual grants to the community that will have extraordinary long-term impact. The Seed Fund Program helps harness the power of financial markets to multiply the value of your contributions over time. All you do is make an initial donation of $600 and subsequent annual contributions of $600. Investing even small amounts regularly will build an endowment that can grow over time.

As a fund donor, with the guidance of the Foundation, choose to establish an endowment fund that is either Restricted – will make ongoing donations to one or more designated organizations or promote a specific cause OR Unlimited – allows the Foundation to select the organizations that receive grants. Or, if you want more flexibility to direct the fund’s recipient organization or organizations each year, you can create a donor-advised fund. NOTE: Donor-advised funds cannot be funded by direct transfer from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

As the Starter Funds account grows, there are no fees charged for its administration – all accrued income is added to the fund to continue its growth. No administration fees are charged until the fund balance reaches $10,000.

Lincoln Middle School’s large outdoor courtyard now has five 4ft by 8ft garden beds, installed in November 2021 with sponsorship from Jockey International’s philanthropic arm, Jockey Being Family Foundation. The foundation “adopted” the school.

The Foundation worked with volunteers from the Garden of Eatin’ Kenosha and Carthage College to help build the flower beds that will be used by the students to plant crops in cool weather, while also providing a number of opportunities for learning, including STEM-based activities and community service projects. .

When the fund reaches a balance of $10,000 (through donations and investment growth), the start-up fund becomes a permanent endowment fund. From this moment, the Foundation will begin to grant grants or distribute donations to entities/organizations; actions specified in the agreement.

Each year, a percentage of the fund’s income is directed to entities or made available to fund recipients, as specified by the donor(s) in the funding agreement. Since the capital of an endowment remains intact, annual income payments can continue in perpetuity.

We’d love to help you make it all easier while charting your own path to fulfilling your passion for philanthropy. It’s a special occasion to participate in philanthropic giving and the returns are forever. As Winston Churchill said: “We earn our living by what we receive, we earn our living by what we give. We would be delighted to help you make your personal philanthropic wishes come true.

To help achieve this goal, contact the Foundation at [email protected] or by calling 262-654-2412.

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Amy Greil is executive director of the Kenosha Community Foundation.

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