Steady rise in GST, VAT recoveries despite Covid: Yogi

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Thursday that there was a steady increase in Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Value Added Tax (VAT) collections in the state despite Covid challenges -19. Collections have grown from 58,000 crore in 2017-2018 at around 1 lakh crore in 2021-2022 in Uttar Pradesh, he said.

Yogi with his council of ministers was watching the presentations of revenue generating departments here. He also said social welfare programs were being implemented as state revenues increased. Apart from the increase in the size of the state budget, per capita income has also increased, the chief minister said.

These were public funds and they would be used for the public good, Yogi said.


Yogi said Uttar Pradesh leads in terms of filing TPS returns. The awareness campaign should be stepped up to get more traders registered under the GST, he said. Yogi said the campaign should be taken further by communicating with trader organizations and bar associations. A one-time settlement program should be launched for the rapid elimination of TPS cases, he suggested. He said refund requests from exporters should be given priority. There was a need to strengthen the GST audit and traders should be selected based on the economic intelligence tools developed by GSTN, he added.

Tax evasion should be controlled using artificial intelligence and other technologies, Yogi said.

Yogi said more work is needed to control the theft in GST and VAT. Apart from awareness programs, crackdown campaigns should also be launched for this purpose, he said.


Yogi said a detailed action plan should be developed for the establishment of the GST tribunal. He said all ongoing VAT appeals should be settled and efforts should be made to anonymize the first appeal. All documents should be scanned and a settlement plan should be put in place for the waiver of interest in stamp disputes, he said.

Stamp duty on house rental documents should be streamlined, he added.


Alleging looting in the mining sector under the previous government, he said work had been done transparently over the past five years. There was a 250% increase in total revenue of approximately 14,000 crore in the sector between 2012-2017 and 2017-2022.

New mining areas are expected to be included in the district survey report by obtaining mineral mapping of major rivers in Bundelkhand and Purvanchal over the next six months, the chief minister said.

A 24/7 call center should be set up to register complaints about illegal mining.


The Chief Minister has called for strict measures against those who manufacture and sell illicit alcohol.

A union ran the excise department for decades, but that’s over now, he said.

He said the stamp and registration department should focus on increasing revenue and efforts should be made to cut out middlemen in registrar offices.


He stressed the need for reforms in the transport department.

Efforts should be made to set up good bus stations under a public-private partnership model, he said, adding that the circulation of illegal buses should be completely stopped. The recent Ghaziabad school bus incident is sad and the responsibility lies with the transport officer besides taking action against others responsible for the same, he said.

A week-long statewide campaign should be launched to check the condition of school buses and all aspects should be looked into, he added.


He said more than 26,000 villages had been connected to the UPSRTC bus service over the past five years. The process should be accelerated to include 2,000 contract buses and 5,000 new buses in the UPSRTC fleet, he added.


The chief minister said the reconstruction of multiplexes and cinemas should be encouraged. He also said that applications under the integrated promotion program for the modernization of cinemas should be eliminated.


Yogi said efforts have been made for the welfare of traders over the past five years. A tradesmen’s social commission has been set up and accident insurance coverage has been increased to 10 lakh in 2018. He said more such decisions should be made based on the needs of traders.

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