The maiden name will not cause complications in real estate transactions

I bought a house in my name in 2007 after I got married. At that time, I had my PAN card and my bank accounts in my maiden name. So the house was registered under my maiden name. I later changed the name of my PAN card and my bank accounts when I added my husband’s last name to my maiden name. Now the house is registered with my maiden name, while all of my papers and IDs have my husband’s last name appended to my name. Will this anomaly create a complication later if I plan to sell the house or bequeath it? What should I do to avoid this complication in the future?

– Ms. Khare

Generally, a maiden name change after marriage in India does not create any complications regarding the title to the property. Also, assuming that you have used your marriage certificate to change your name in other documents, the name change should not affect any transaction relating to said property to that extent.

I recently shared my undivided Hindu family and made an act of sharing. Do I have to inform the tax authorities? If yes, how ? Is it necessary to have the deed of partition registered or notarized?

—Name hidden on request

Yes, you will need to inform the relevant tax authorities of the total HUF split. You can notify him in writing, along with a copy of the stamped and signed deed of sharing. Once you notify the officer, he will review the documents and then issue an order confirming the partition. It is recommended that you contact your accountant to assist you in this matter. Please note that if there is a written deed of partition and the partition concerns real estate owned by HUF, the deed of partition will need to be registered and an adequate stamp duty will need to be paid on the deed of partition to the responsible authorities. stamp duty.

Rishabh Shroff is partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas.

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