the scam of deadlines and the taxman also ruin you

The car tax in 2022 will have to be the subject of special attention from Italian taxpayers and especially from those who hate it.

Car tax, as we know very well, is a tax hated by citizens and it is one of many taxes that make car a kind of luxury now. Continuous increases in the price of gasoline, fraudulent insurance (by the way, check here if yours is really valid) make the car less and less sympathetic to Italians. It must also be said that the truce with the tax authorities established two years ago is definitely over. In this 2022, we must forget extensions and tolerances. Let’s see what happens with the deadlines. The timing mechanism is back to normal. Consequently, the deadline for payment of the car tax is the end of the month following that of registration.

This is how the stamp attracts the taxman

This is a strange peculiarity of this tax since it does not have a single deadline for everyone but varies according to the “zodiac sign” of the car. There are also the lucky ones who do not pay the stamp and belong to three categories. First of all, there are cars dedicated to transporting the disabled, which quite rightly do not pay the tax. But vintage cars and electric cars don’t pay either. But this year, we must pay particular attention to car tax and in general to the economic impact of our car because the tax authorities take the start of controls very seriously. Indeed, the tax authorities make an estimate of the impact that the car has on the budget of a family or a taxpayer and if this does not appear to conform to what has been declared, this becomes a trigger for investigations.

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Therefore the stamp duty in addition to being a hard blow can also be judged by the tax authorities to be too high compared to that declared and trigger the checks.

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In short, there are so many reasons to be wary of the tax.

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