Tobago will make its mark on the festival calendar with October Carnival

As Tobago enters the carnival space in October, the island is looking to put its unique mark on the festival.

Tashia Burris, Secretary for Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transport, said this would not be another event in Trinidad, but an opportunity for the island to show what she can do.

She said the conversations around the Tobago Carnival have turned into a conversation about self-reliance and said Tobago is ready to stand on its own and make its mark on the rest of the world when it comes to Carnival.

Burris said while many countries have a Trinidad-style carnival, Tobago will seize the opportunity and create its own style.

“We intend to put on a spectator show and a masquerade masquerade,” she said.

Burris was speaking at the Tobago Carnival media launch at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex on Wednesday.

Meisha Trim, chairwoman of the Tobago Carnival Committee, echoed her sentiments.

“It is indeed time for us to focus and declare an identifiable Tobagonian cachet on the global calendar of festival events. The October Carnival festivities will reveal the hidden treasures of our cultural soul and reshape the Carnival experience as we know it, giving birth to a unique new tourism product that is the New World in context, viable in its regional vision and capital in its local structure,” she said in her address.

The Tobago Carnival slogan is Ritual, Revelry, Release. The logo and schedule of events were revealed at launch.

Among the many events that will take place are a Night Mas, a Mud Festival and a TUCO Tobago Lime.

Diane Hadad, head of the Tobago branch of the Chamber of Commerce, said that based on what she saw at the launch, she thinks the committee did well given the time they had to put everything together. , but the proof is in the pudding.

She said that from a business perspective she would like to see Caribbean Airlines or a combination of Civil Aviation and the Airports Authority coordinate to ensure the necessary flights are provided.

‘We want to see the Port Authority use the ferries, take our taxes which we fought very hard for two new beautiful ferries, let them move people back and forth, do extra crossings. So the responsibility is with the Department of Transport, it is with NIDCO, and it is with the port authority. Let all our leaders who have been chosen to play the leadership role in our country do their part to make this a success for us,” she said.

The Tobago Carnival will take place from October 28 to 30.

Check the list of events scheduled for Tobago Carnival 2022 on the website.

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