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NEW YORK, NY, July 18 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trofi is proud to announce its innovative structured product solutions for its users. Many platforms offering financial services such as crypto lending and staking are going through a tough time. There is an overwhelming air of skepticism around companies in the crypto-finance niche, and reliability is at an all-time low. Recently, some giants offering crypto-financial services have incurred massive debt, others have suspended their withdrawal (become insolvent), and all this has scared investors even more.

Trofi offers similar services, and this begs the question, “How can investors trust Trofi with their investments, given that they offer the same services?” »

How Trofi manages investments and maintains strong liquidity

The general practice of crypto-finance platforms is to lend depositors’ funds to other users or reuse them in riskier levels of investment.

Against the course of events, Trofi does not randomly place its users’ deposits on a random Defi platform or lend to other counterparties without collateral. Instead, Trofi focuses on offering clients to generate their return through Earn+, which is a structured product offered by the firm. With Earn+, investors bear only the market risks they are aware of and also maximize their earnings.

“We won’t put your deposit on a dodgy Defi or lend to random counterparties. Clients generate buy-low Earn+ returns by writing an option and taking only the agreed risk and no other,” said the Trofi co-founder Andrew Lam, an experienced crypto portfolio manager and banking professional who previously worked at HSBC New York and Hong Kong as an options trader, managing currency options risk for the Bank.

Lam further added, “We are the first platform to offer 20 cryptocurrencies on Earn+, and we traded the first Earn+ token on WAVES in the marketplace, where customers earned 800% APY.”

In the most recent interview, Lam also noted that Trofi has seen an increase in people signing up for Earn+, so much so that it’s currently their most popular product. “That’s no shock,” he said. “Given the current trust deficit in the market and the collapse of competing platforms, people were expected to jump to a platform they can trust.”

TroFi Earn+ takes advantage of market volatility to deliver a return to users by transparently selling options. So far, no repayment defaults, accumulated debts, or insolvency have been recorded against the platform.

How Buy-Low Earn+ works

A user holding stablecoins who is willing to buy crypto assets at a lower price than the current market price chooses Buy-Low Earn+. This investment product allows him to obtain higher returns than the regular rates of return.

Then, a strike price below the current market price of the underlying asset is agreed. On the expiry date, if the price is greater than or equal to the strike price, the user’s returns are calculated in the stablecoin with APR. If the market price is below the strike price, the stablecoin and APR are converted into the underlying crypto asset.

About Trofi

Trofi is a financial services platform that provides industry-leading products and services that allow users to trade their crypto-assets, collect daily interest, and access various types of crypto-structured products.

Trofi is registered as a US Money Services Business under US law (MSB) and adheres to all Know your customer (KYC) requirements and Fight against money laundering (AML) legislation and standards.

Trofi offers innovative risk management solutions to enable its users to understand their risk exposure, potential risks and benefits. For more information about Trofi, visit

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