Turn On Those Bay City Lawn Mowers, Grass Ordinance Enforcement Starts May 1

BAY CITY, MI – With spring in the air, the city of Bay City is reminding residents and businesses to prepare for yard maintenance.

The city released a statement on social media and in the citywide newsletter encourage residents to prepare and follow regulations regarding a grass length and noxious weed ordinance.

“We understand that these are difficult times, however, we call on all residential and commercial property owners to do their part to keep their yards maintained,” the statement read on social media.

According to the ordinance, residential properties must have the grass cut to 6 inches or less while commercial properties and vacant lots are allowed to grow up to 8 inches in height. Weed regulations go into effect on May 1 and will continue until October 31.

When it comes to weeds, homeowners are required to cut or eliminate all noxious weeds by May 1 and weeds are also subject to the same 6 inch rule on residential properties and 8 inch on commercial and vacant properties.

Failure to comply with the city yard maintenance order may cause the city to perform cleaning and cutting tasks and present the landlord with a utility bill.

Those with questions are asked to contact the Code Enforcement Office at City Hall at (989) 894-8176 or by email at [email protected]

For reference, the official wording of the Section 110-27 Ordinance is as follows:

“It will be the duty of every owner, possessor or occupant of land, and of anyone in charge of land in the city, to cut or remove and destroy all noxious weeds. Noxious weeds should be defined as all grasses, annuals and vegetation other than trees or shrubs; provided, however, that this term does not include cultivated flowers and gardens.

“All noxious weeds must be cut or removed and destroyed no later than May 1 of each year. Subsequently, all noxious weeds must be cut or removed and destroyed before they reach a height of six (6 “) inches on land adjacent to a residence or eight inches on vacant land or commercial properties and, in any case, as necessary to prevent any noxious weeds from seeding or spreading or becoming harmful to public health.

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