Under the visionary leadership of Dr. William R. Harvey, Hampton University’s endowment has now grown to over $ 400 million and up

HAMPTON, VA., November 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – At the recent Hampton University Board of Trustees meeting in the fall of 2021, Ms. Doretha J. Spells, Vice President of Business Affairs and Treasurer, announced that the University’s Endowment Fund is now over $ 400 million and growing. She said: “This marks the best financial position the University has ever been in in its distinguished history. “

“The primary reasons Hampton University has been able to consistently increase our endowment as other institutions and businesses face tough financial times are twofold. First, our team emphasizes the importance of fundraising. Second, we practice fiscal conservatism when it comes to our spending. The directors of Hampton have also made sound investments and business decisions in our financial portfolio, ”said Dr. William R. Harvey, President of Hampton University. “The collective skill of the team that has supported me over my 44 years of leadership has also played a major role in Hampton’s success.

When Dr. Harvey first entered campus in 1978, Hampton University’s endowment was $ 29 million. During his impressive four decades of unprecedented leadership, Dr. Harvey and his team have increased the endowment by 1,279 percent and it now stands at over $ 400 million thanks to new money and support. appreciation. Dr. Harvey “puts into practice what he preaches”.

Many have called Dr. Harvey one of the nation’s top fundraisers and he “practices what he preaches.” The Harveys donated $ 10,300,000 to Hampton University, with scholarships being one of their top priorities. Approximately $ 3,000,000 of their donations were specifically targeted for named scholarships, including Laron Clark, Jr. Scholarship Fund for First Generation Students; Scholarships inherited from alumni, Royzell Dillard scholarship fund; Scholarship with a string ensemble; Audrey B. Greene Scholarship Fund; Hampton Town Police Chief – Scholarship Pat Minetti; Herbert E. Kelly Endowment Scholarship and Hampton University Police Chief – Christopher Harper Scholarship Fund. Other scholarship funds were paid directly into the general endowment scholarships.
The donation history of the first couple also includes salary increases for teachers and staff during lean periods. For example, in 2011, Dr. and Mrs. William R. Harvey donated $ 1 million to be used to increase faculty salaries. Also in 2011 and again in 2014, the Harveys donated $ 166,000 and $ 108,403 respectively to support salary increases for permanent full-time staff at Hampton University. At this time, Dr Harvey indicated that it was not only the upper echelon of administrators who made up the team, but quoting Langston Hughes, he indicated that “the dream does not belong only to the dreamer alone, but to all the hands that have helped build. “

Hampton University is not the same when Dr. Harvey arrived. Today, Hampton attracts outstanding students with high SAT scores who bring positive national and international attention to Hampton by winning prestigious scholarships and competitions, conducting research, and engaging in leadership and service activities. leading. Interest in the “Hampton Experience” has led to between 15,000 and 20,000 applications per year and a constant number of registrations. Classified by the Carnegie Commission as a “high research activity” institution, faculty and students conduct cutting-edge research in a variety of fields. Dr. Harvey’s list of accomplishments is far too long to include them all, but they have benefited Hampton, the Hampton Roads area, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the national higher education landscape.

A visionary, Dr. Harvey embraced the mission of HU founder Gen. Samuel Chapman Armstrong to excel all aspects of Hampton University and promote character development among all constituencies. The William R. Harvey Years, 44+, will honor the record books as an unprecedented account of mega success, not only for HU students, faculty, staff and alumni whose lives bear witness to the results. of his work, but also for the global community of stakeholders who will continually reap the benefits of his wise leadership for generations to come.

“I believe what made Dr. Harvey’s presidential term legendary was his ability to lead with a bold plan of action,” said Wesley Coleman, chairman of the board at Hampton University. “While the rest of the world is living up to the status quo, Dr. Harvey has taken the bull by the horns for 44 years and used his business acumen to successfully develop the endowment and transform this higher education institution. into a world-class establishment. research institution that always stands above the crowd. It’s really special. “

Dr. Harvey’s contributions as a true transformational leader in the world of education and beyond are demonstrated by the greater level of access to education he has created for students through his keen sense of business. In June 2021, Dr. William R. Harvey again demonstrated his spirit of commitment and generosity to students by creating the Character, Legacy and Merit Scholarships and designating $ 3 million in renewable scholarships for students. eligible students. With the guidance and services of Dr. Harvey, Hampton University is an internationally recognized leader in higher education. Dr. Harvey has transformed Hampton University from a small college to a world-class university. Over 36,000 students have graduated under the supervision of Dr. Harvey. These students are doomed to success by joining alumni who are leaders in some of the highest offices in a multitude of industries. Many alumni who have been influenced by Dr. Harvey’s leadership will tell you how their alma mater excels compared to others.

“During his historic tenure as President, Dr. Harvey’s leadership and vision have continually inspired others to dream, not little dreams, to learn more, to do more and to become more,” said Doretha J. Spells, Vice President of Business Affairs and Treasurer of Hampton University. “Dr. Harvey’s vision and strong business knowledge have grown endowment at such a rate that the University has had significant impacts on the lives of students, faculty and others who cannot really be. measures.

Fueled by the leadership of Dr. Harvey, the University constructed 30 buildings and made a number of campus improvements in virtually all buildings. The University continues to plan, design and build high quality facilities that support the mission of this world-class institution. Each of these enhancements benefits Hampton University students, faculty, staff and the wider community. These latest upgrades include renovations and upgrades, such as new research labs and new classroom technology, in university buildings such as Buckman, Turner and DuPont Halls. All residences have received new or updated air conditioning units as well as bathroom renovations. These upgrades can be found in Virginia Cleveland, McGrew, DuBois, Moton, Winona, Continuing Education Center (CEC), Stone, James, Harkness, and Twitchell Halls. The main entrance door, several sports facilities and technological improvements in the classrooms were also improved thanks to the hard work of Dr. Harvey.

Dr. Harvey introduced innovations that solidified Hampton University’s stellar position among colleges and universities nationwide. These include 92 new academic programs, including 12 new doctoral programs; several satellites on active NASA space missions; a severe weather research center that produces fast and accurate forecasts of rapidly changing weather systems up to 2,000 miles away, such as hurricanes and tornadoes; and the world’s largest stand-alone proton therapy center for cancer of the prostate, breast, lung, eye, pediatric, spine, head, neck and brain. All of these accomplishments bear witness to his desire to leave the world a better place than he found it.

Dr. Harvey’s leadership continues to support the institutional vision and mission of Hampton University by ensuring that high quality faculty and staff continue to thrive, build character, and help prepare promising students for a prosperous future.

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