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UPPZ presidential candidate Charles Chanda says the only problem with Zambia is that people are choosing leaders who have many pockets.

And Chanda says the government’s decision to engage in the civil servant debt swap is a sign that there is money in Zambia.

Present in Radio Maria’s good governance program, Chanda said the country has money that can be used for various programs.

“As UPPZ, we have a policy in place to ensure that chefs and leaders are put on the payroll. We have counselors and they are on the payroll but the counselors do not make roads in the villages. They don’t bring water to the villages, ”he said. “But when you look at the chiefs and chiefs, they are the ones who stay in the villages and they are the ones who work. For us, we’re going to make sure that the chiefs and chiefs, whether they are published in the Gazette or not, get something from the government. They will be put on the payroll. “

Chanda said he could justify where he would get the money to pay chefs and chefs on a monthly basis.

“Look at our ridings here in Chipata. We have ridings, and in those ridings we have chiefs who do not have vehicles. But a deputy who does not stay in the constituency but stays in Lusaka, the government gets a vehicle – a 4 by 4 giving a deputy but the chiefs and chiefs do not have motorcycles or vehicles and yet they are the ones who stay in places where there are no bridges, ”Chanda added. “For me, as Charles Chanda, I don’t agree with this kind of keeping people. I want to serve the chiefs and all the chiefs and indunas so that they know that God has heard their cry now. There is no justification for the chiefs not being able to receive a vehicle when the hon. Member has one. ”

And Chanda said the government’s quest to take back loans from officials has proven that there is a lot of money in the treasury.

He wondered, however, why the government could repay loans to people who were still working.

“The problem is, we normally choose leaders who have a lot of pockets that don’t fill in five years. Even 10 years is not enough. This is why you see that when the time comes for the elections, others will say “my time is not over yet”. It is not the time that is not over, they just want to say that ‘my pockets are not full’, ”said Chanda. “This time the government wants to pay loans to civil servants, which is why we say the money is there. Why should the government get the money and pay off someone’s loan while they are working? You know sometimes I sit down normally and ask God “What have we done in Zambia to get the leaders to make policies that we would all agree is from God!” You can’t tell me that this policy of paying loans for working people… This policy is not from God. “

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