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The Prime Minister will address the first dedicated conference of Tory MPs from the North as they draw up an alternative manifesto to retain Labour’s old heartland.

Jake Berry, chairman of the Northern Research Group of backbenchers, will say: ‘It’s time to stop talking about being the low tax party, it’s time to be the low tax government.’

But the plea for tax cuts was rejected last night by Minister Michael Gove, who said the government must wait for inflation to fall.

He added: “The Chancellor has the right policy.” Northern MPs met Chancellor Rishi Sunak last night at a dinner party to voice their concerns.

Mr Berry fears an annihilation of the Tories if the north is taken for granted by the party as Labor has been.

He will ask the Prime Minister to focus on giving Scottish-style fiscal powers to the regions and put “calling, calling, calling” at the heart of education reforms.

Mr. Berry said, “You can’t do radical long-term missions without radical long-term funding.

That is why we are proposing a race to the top formula, which will deliver what the Conservatives promised. »

MPs for Rossendale and Darwen will ask local areas for the power to cut taxes, dictate housing requirements and set stamp duty rates.

He will say: “There are almost as many people living in Greater Manchester as in Wales – yet Wales has the power over taxes, unlike Greater Manchester.

“Giving regions the right to vary tax rates downwards will help make the economy more competitive.”


North ‘Voxbridge’ where we will see two new centers of professional excellence. We want to free local leaders to make decisions for themselves.

Other powers, including tax reduction powers, should be granted. We can’t do everything without funding but we don’t want special treatment, just our fair share.

That’s why we proposed a race-to-the-top formula to ensure that when money is spent on major infrastructure in the South, the North receives its fair share.

We care, I care, and we must, and will, succeed.

  • Mary Robinson is Conservative MP for Cheadle

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