What local and foreign workplaces can learn from OFWs

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, December 4) – Having spent time in the Philippines and abroad, Filipino Overseas Workers (OFW) are in a good position to share with local and overseas businesses the best practices they have learned.

That’s according to successful business leaders who have spent a lot of time working overseas who spoke to CNN Philippines’ The Exchange on Friday, recalling the best practices and behaviors they’ve learned over the years.

“When I tell them I’m from the Philippines, they are happy to know that Filipinos are on par with the best in the world,” said Ernest Estrella, Managing Director of UMAC Express Cargo Singapore.

Estrella said he carried out his duties and responsibilities “on the basis of the highest standards and best practices in the industry”, given his status as a financial executive in a multinational company, with years of ‘experience in the Middle East and North America.

BC Remit London founder and CEO Oliver Calma agrees with Estrella’s ideas.

“We Filipinos are pretty smart and we can match it with the best in the world,” Calma said, noting the fast-paced nature of technology that also shapes the way he runs his fintech – his passion for driving him. at a fast pace and learn quickly too.

“Besides the hard work, it’s our dedication and you know, the service we provide to our customers in general,” Calma said, when asked what lessons Europeans could take from Filipino nationals.

In addition to a great work ethic, foreign companies can also take note of the adaptability of Filipinos, according to BPI COO Ramon Jocson.

“When they are brought overseas and reintroduced into very disciplined systems, they can easily adapt. Filipinos are very good at learning. Filipinos are very good at adapting,” said Jocson, who has nearly two decades of experience abroad.

On the other hand, Filipino workers returning overseas can also present best practices to their new local employers, the bank manager added.

Jocson’s time abroad refined and shaped his management style – and he made sure to bring with him lessons like shorter meetings, sharper goals, and an “inspect this” mindset. that you are waiting “.

“Most Filipinos are passive in the way they deal with people. Plus, the high performance culture is kind of alien here,” he explained. “I think we need to bring these practices back here in the Philippines so that we can be competitive in the global market.”

Jocson advised OFWs to be a “catalyst” for positive change upon their return to the country.

“There are several things in our company and perhaps in the way we manage here that we can easily change for the better,” he said.

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