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BENGALURU: Urging her rival, BJP-led NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu to say she will not be a ‘Rashtrapati buffer’, Yashwant Sinha, the opposition parties’ joint candidate, said he was concerned on Sunday by the charges brought against the courts.

Noting that the dirtiest charges are leveled against the judiciary, following some remarks made by the judiciary against former BJP spokesperson-Nupur Sharma, he called it unprecedented and a very sad development in Indian democracy.

The former Union minister also accused the central government of abusing agencies such as the ED, CBI and income tax to fix political opponents.

Sinha, who is in Bengaluru as part of his election campaign, attended the Congress Legislative Party meeting here which was attended by Rajya Sabha opposition leader Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress Legislative Party leader Siddaramaiah , state party leader DK Shivakumar, host of party leaders and legislators.

Pointing out that two days ago the Supreme Court of India issued certain observations against a former BJP spokesperson and afterwards Chief Justice of India NV Ramana said in a meeting that “the judiciary is responsible to the Constitution and the Constitution alone”, he said. , “I welcome this statement, this very strong and clear statement from the highest court in the land and I commend the Chief Justice for making this statement.

“Unfortunately, after the Supreme Court made certain observations against the former BJP spokesperson, you and I are aware that in social media, the judiciary has not only come under criticism, it has being charged, the dirtiest charges are being brought against the judiciary, this is unprecedented, this is a very, very sad development in our democracy,” he told reporters after the meeting. of the CLP.

“We all hold the judiciary in high regard and we cannot say that we agree with an order from the judiciary, but we do not accept another order from the judiciary,” Sinha added.

The BJP was delighted when the same judiciary passed an order against Ram Janmabhoomi and the whole country accepted it because this order came from the judiciary, he pointed out and said “but today, s ‘they (SC) criticize certain developments, these people go against the justice system, which is a very unwelcome and dangerous development in our democracy.’

Sinha, in response to a question, said he would not meet JD(S) Patriarch and former HD Prime Minister Deve Gowda during this visit.

The regional party said it supported its adversary Murmu in the July 18 presidential election.

Accusing the central government of misusing agencies like ED, CBI, income tax to fix political opponents, Sinha, recalling that he too held important government positions, said, “Never before has it crossed our minds that government agencies can and should be used against political opponents.”

“It has become standard practice now, any member of the opposition parties who tries to raise their head or an issue immediately receives notice from one of these agencies,” he said, adding that respectable leaders are brought to appear before the ED, not because it has relevant questions to ask, but because the government wants to insult.

Sinha wondered “if this is democracy?”, as he tried to highlight the alleged overthrow of governments recently in Maharashtra, and earlier in states like Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Goa , Arunachal Pradesh, by the BJP.

“If the ruling party in the Center uses its financial power and abuses its governmental power to break up parties, to insult the mandate of the people by overthrowing elected governments, then for us at least democracy is denied, it is attacked, it is attacked in a way that is not acceptable,” he said.

He also condemned the BJP government of Karnataka for trying to communalise the minds of the younger generation by introducing a new school curriculum “colored by the ideological agenda of the ruling party”.

Stating that he has high personal regard for the ruling party candidate, Sinha however urged Murmu to assure the people of India of certain concerns, which he said are most important in their minds, under the bleak circumstances prevailing in the country.

“I have pledged that, if elected, I will respond to the Constitution, and the Constitution alone. I will exercise my authority conscientiously, without fear or favor, whenever the executive or other institutions will violate constitutional checks and balances. Please make a similar pledge,” he told Murmu.

“I asserted that India needs a Rashtrapati who is the impartial guardian of the Constitution – not a silent Rashtrapati or a rubber stamp. Please make a similar assertion,” he said. he adds.

Sinha also asked her to pledge not to hesitate to restrain the central government if it in any way aids and abets outrageously undemocratic practices like “Operation Kamal”, says she will denounce any attempt to to India’s communal polarization. , and announces that it will defend the freedom of the press, freedom of expression and the other rights and freedoms that the Constitution grants.

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